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The Fixer: An Insurance Giant Embraces ‘Housing First’


In this week’s news briefing: ending homelessness for profit, coffee saves the rainforest and rural America takes on climate change.

The Fixer: A Power Plant You Can Ski


In this week’s news briefing: healing Israel’s overcrowded hospitals, healthier snacks for condors and a ski slope that converts waste into energy.

The Fixer: Guiding India’s Wanderers


In this week’s news briefing: helping India’s “wandering” people find their way home, a broader lens on bikeability and a plan to keep teachers from walking away.

The Fixer: Picasso Over Prosecution


In this week’s news briefing: a choice between art class and prison, engineers without bathroom borders and license and voter registration, please.

The Fixer: A Cool, Refreshing Glass of Fog


In this week’s news briefing: Pulling drinking water from the mist, post-prison seniors and hyper-humane malaria eradication.

The Fixer: Who’s Afraid of Collectivism?


In this first edition of RTBC’s weekly news briefing, stories of street redesign in Amsterdam, solar systems in California and cooperative farming in China.