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Want Fewer Abortions? Legalize Them

7 min read

The countries with the lowest abortion rates have one thing in common: access to safe, affordable abortion.

Evanston, Illinois Is the First City to Offer Reparations to Black Residents

7 min read

In “an extraordinarily commendable first step,” families whose descendants experienced housing discrimination can receive $25,000.

When a Missed Piece of Mail Sends Someone to Jail

6 min read

Missed court dates — often the result of a misunderstanding — lead to more arrest warrants than any other offense. Now a group of attorneys is getting those warrants recalled.

What Growing Up in Rural Germany Taught Me about Guns

6 min read

In the Bavarian village where I was raised, guns are a part of life. Mass shootings are not.

India’s ‘Open Prisons’ Are a Marvel of Trust-Based Incarceration

6 min read

For 12 hours a day, prisoners can let themselves out to work or visit family. In virtually every case, they come back.

Does This Water Have Legal Rights?

6 min read

Threatened by development, five bodies of water are suing the State of Florida, making the unprecedented argument that nature has legal rights, too.

India’s Women Are Building An Alternative To Toxic Masculinity

4 min read

A grassroots movement is emerging across northern India to empower women and put an end to the region’s patriarchal system of local governance.

Do Your City’s Parks Need a ‘Colonial Audit’?

5 min read

Chances are, the answer is yes.

Newark Cops and Residents Put Down Their Guns to Talk About Trauma

5 min read

In emotional exchanges, community members and police open up to each other and find that their shared pain has similar roots.

Police Are Keeping Mugshots Locked Away for Justice’s Sake

4 min read

Mugshots imply guilt and live online forever. Now fewer of them are being released.

With This Company’s Support, Women Are Escaping Their Abusers

4 min read

Brazil’s largest retailer takes extraordinary steps to help employees impacted by domestic violence.

Want Drastic Climate Action? Maybe It’s Time to Sue the Government

5 min read

When political leaders dither, “the only instrument that leads to non-negotiable results is the court ruling.”

Domestic Workers in Lebanon Are Making a Dramatic Escape

5 min read

Former domestic workers are helping their peers flee abusive employers and get back home.

How Much Can You Uplift?

6 min read

For people coming out of prison, training for a job as a fitness coach can start before they’re even released.

Why I’ll Leave Prison Ready for a Green-Collar Career

8 min read

At the Florida prison where I reside, incarcerated folks are training each other for stable, well-paying jobs in sustainable industries.

Cops Are Learning Jiu-jitsu for Saner Policing

6 min read

“The gentle art,” which involves no punching or kicking, teaches how to restrain one’s opponent without injuring them.

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