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Police Are Keeping Mugshots Locked Away for Justice’s Sake

4 min read

Mugshots imply guilt and live online forever. Now fewer of them are being released.

With This Company’s Support, Women Are Escaping Their Abusers

4 min read

Brazil’s largest retailer takes extraordinary steps to help employees impacted by domestic violence.

Want Drastic Climate Action? Maybe It’s Time to Sue the Government

5 min read

When political leaders dither, “the only instrument that leads to non-negotiable results is the court ruling.”

Domestic Workers in Lebanon Are Making a Dramatic Escape

5 min read

Former domestic workers are helping their peers flee abusive employers and get back home.

How Much Can You Uplift?

6 min read

For people coming out of prison, training for a job as a fitness coach can start before they’re even released.

Why I’ll Leave Prison Ready for a Green-Collar Career

8 min read

At the Florida prison where I reside, incarcerated folks are training each other for stable, well-paying jobs in sustainable industries.

Cops Are Learning Jiu-jitsu for Saner Policing

6 min read

“The gentle art,” which involves no punching or kicking, teaches how to restrain one’s opponent without injuring them.

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