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In Austria, the Government Pays to Repair Your Stuff

4 min read

Taking the “right to repair” one step further, a Viennese repair bonus is going national — and keeping thousands of items out of the junkyard

Should We Protect Children or Privacy?

5 min read

Technology exists to scan people’s devices for evidence of child abuse. Should we use it?

Could Products Made of CO2 Help Cool the Planet?

6 min read

The growing carbontech industry is capturing CO2 from the air and turning it into everything from bras to vodka to fresh baked bread.

America’s Star Teenage Scientist Is Catalyzing Generational Change

6 min read

At 15 years old, Gitanjali Rao has half a dozen inventions to her name. Now she wants to reinvent the world of science itself.

Hey Siri, Learn to Speak Kinyarwanda

4 min read

The most popular voice assistants don’t recognize a single native African language. Now thousands across the continent are donating their voices to change that.

Get There Fast or Safe? A Crowdsourced Map Gives You the Option

4 min read

With user-generated data, the My Safetipin app helps women and kids avoid streets that are dark, desolate or dominated by men.

‘Conservation Dogs’ Are Sniffing Out Species Humans Can’t See

5 min read

Biologists can’t spot them. Technology doesn’t detect them. But nothing escapes The Nose.

Africa’s Wikipedia Editors Are Changing How the World Sees Their Continent

5 min read

A grassroots movement enlists Africans to write their own story on one of the world’s biggest websites.

Norway’s Electric Car Triumph Started With an ’80s Pop Star

4 min read

How a rule-breaking joyride by an MTV icon helped make Norway the world’s EV capital.

Don’t Toss It, Fix It! Europe Is Guaranteeing Citizens the “Right to Repair”

4 min read

The EU is restricting products designed to be unfixable, forcing companies to change their ways.

With Centuries-Old Techniques, This Farm Is Preparing for the Future

5 min read

No modern methods or machinery required — just crops cultivated by hand in incredible, climate-proof quantities.

The Best Wikipedia Pages Are the Ones We Fight Over

< 1

When people who disagree are forced to work together, something magical happens.

Inside the Mind of a Mind-Changer

< 1

Swing voters. Covid converts. Some people seem highly persuadable. Why does that bother the rest of us?

Taiwan’s Crowdsourced Democracy Shows Us How to Fix Social Media

< 1

How hackers taught the government to embrace division-resistant politics.

Protecting Insect Habitats Is Saving Multitudes

8 min read

As awareness about their ecological importance grows, a movement to grant insects the same protections as more majestic creatures is gaining steam.

The Race to Measure the Global Emissions Plunge

5 min read

A heroic effort is underway to record the global lockdown’s ripple effects — before they disappear.

Meet the Detectives Solving Crimes Against Trees

5 min read

At a forensics lab in Germany, a team of sleuths is busting illegal timber traffickers and keeping our forests safe.

Illegal Fishing You Can See from Space

4 min read

Satellites are tracking thousands of fishing vessels in real time to make sure your mahi mahi is just as sustainably sourced as the label claims.

How Toilets Saved the West

3 min read

The toilets in your home today are radically different than the ones of the 1950s—or even the 1990s—and may be the reason western cities are still habitable.

Greening the Desert With Wastewater

4 min read

Like a mirage, an ethereal woodland kingdom rises from the Egyptian sands to fight desertification

How Cities Will Avoid Death by Self-Driving Car

4 min read

Major cities have signaled a commitment to curbing private autonomous vehicles, and their transportation systems are already reaping the benefits.

The Worst CO2 Emitters are Getting a Little Bit Better

2 min read

Carbon emissions are falling in the countries that emit the most CO2, the result of conservation efforts, more renewable energy and strong climate policies.

Women Scientists Raise Their Decibel Level

3 min read

To change the misperception that scientists are all old white guys in lab coats, thousands of women scientists are banding together to make their voices heard.

Build Your Own Dialysis Machine!

3 min read

In clinics and hospitals around the world, doctors and nurses turn household objects into medical instruments. MIT’s Little Devices Lab is giving them the tools to build even better.

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