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Bee friendly

A Colorado law recently took effect that bans retail stores from selling neonics — insecticides known to harm bees and other pollinators. According to a story Executive Editor Will Doig shared from Environment Colorado, this is a major milestone in the protection of vitally important insects and the ecosystems they support.

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Will says:


Neonics have been identified as a major contributor to the decline of bees and other pollinators. At least eight other states have restrictions in place, as does the European Union.

Citizens gathered to celebrate in Brussels, Belgium on the day the EU voted to pass a full ban on three key bee-killing pesticides in 2018.
Citizens gathered to celebrate in Brussels, Belgium, on the day the EU voted to ban three key bee-killing pesticides in 2018. Credit: Olivier Matthys / AP Images for AVAAZ

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Knock knock

In rural parts of the US, access to health care can be scarce, so people often end up calling 911 for even basic medical needs. One solution that’s gaining traction: bringing back the old-fashioned house call. Through community paramedicine programs, paramedics make regular visits to those with health issues in order to provide care before emergencies arise. One place where a small community paramedicine crew is making a big difference, as Marketplace reports in a story that caught Editorial Director Rebecca Worby’s attention: the remote West Texas town of Terlingua and the surrounding desert.

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Becca says:


I’ve spent some time in Terlingua and can attest to how out there it is — it’s part of what makes it such a special place, but it’s also of course a challenge for emergency responders, especially during the hot, hot summers.

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In other news…

Holiday fireworks are a tradition with a long history. Would we be better off leaving that tradition in the past? RTBC Contributing Editor Michaela Haas posed that question in a Viewpoint a few days ahead of the Fourth of July — and explored some spectacular alternatives.

A drone show over Sydney, Australia including Saturn and the solar system.
A drone show over Sydney, Australia. Credit: sgarbacik / Shutterstock

That big question is still reverberating in our minds along with last week’s clangs and booms. And as it turns out, great minds think alike: The New York Times and Outside Magazine both weighed in on this issue.

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