Waterville, Maine

March 30, 2024 Waterville Opera House
Credit: John Meader

Washington, D.C.

November 16, 2023 George Washington University
Credit: GWU

Portland, Oregon

November 3, 2023 Tomorrow Theater
Credit: PAM CUT

Knoxville, Tennessee

April 1, 2023 Big Ears Festival
Credit: Cora Wagoner


Designed to uplift, inform and inspire, Reasons to be Cheerful events are dynamic on-stage conversations moderated by our founder David Byrne. Through these conversations, we explore the innovative solutions improving our world, hearing from the people who transform those solutions from vision to reality.

Reasons to be Cheerful events can be stand-alone, or slotted into an existing event series, like a festival. They are typically one hour long and include a brief audience Q&A. Reasons to be Cheerful works in collaboration with the hosting venue to select the topic and speakers. No topic is off the table: We’ve held events about densifying cities, restoring rivers and ending homelessness. Whenever possible, we focus on solutions that impact the region where the event is being held.

Live events are a vital part of Reasons to be Cheerful’s revenue model. Given the staff time required, we cannot do free events at this time.

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