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The Surprising Effect of a One-Time Gift


How a single infusion of cash can help folks turn their lives around.

The Year the ‘Third World’ Came in First


The pandemic has finally busted the outdated myth that so-called developing countries are less resilient than their wealthier peers.

The Casino That Farms Its Own Food


A stone’s throw from the blackjack tables, bison are grazing, beehives are buzzing, crops are growing — and nature is winning.

Berlin’s Second-Hand Craze Is Turning It into a ‘Zero-Waste City’


Buying used goods is trendier than ever, and the capital’s retailers are responding.

A New Generation of Black Farmers Is Cultivating Self-Determination


By going back to the land, Black farmers are resuming a journey toward “food sovereignty” that began centuries ago.

We Know How to Fix Student Debt


The U.S. government spends more on higher education than many countries where students graduate with far less debt. Is there a better way?

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Good Energy is Good Business

How Portland Makes Local Food Work for Everyone


A food hub known as the Redd solves the business and logistical challenges of local food — and helps small farmers become a big deal.

No-Strings Cash Is Helping Black-Owned Businesses Survive


Money from friends and family is what helps many startups survive during tough times. One organization is playing that role for black entrepreneurs.

Germany Is Leading the World Toward a Green Recovery


As Europe’s biggest economy reboots, it — and many others — are planning to transition away from fossil fuels.

No Resumé? No References? No Problem


What happens when you hire the first qualified job applicant who walks through the door?

The Planet-Saving Potential of Whale Poop


How a chance encounter on the high seas between scientists and an IMF economist led to a trillion-dollar epiphany about earth’s largest creature.

Are You Going to Eat That?


A chain of German supermarkets is selling expired yogurt, mislabled jam and chocolate Santas in July. Is this the grocery store of the future?

Make Trains Not War


A landmark deal to let China build Boston’s new subway cars shows how a little creative collaboration could rescue America’s infrastructure.

The Slow Demise of Cash Bail


As it bans holding defendants on bail for nonviolent crimes, New York is the latest state to challenge America’s bizarre system of money for freedom.

Sowing the Seeds of a New Agricultural Economy


Economic risk prevents poor Cambodian farmers from switching to crops that are more valuable and better for the land. What if they had guaranteed income?

Austerity Is Not the Only Way: Portugal!

By: &

While other European countries cut their budgets to the bone, Portugal lent its citizens a helping hand. Guess who came out on top.

Free the Floodplains!


Millions of Americans live at risk of flooding, but slow federal flood buyouts drain precious time and resources. How one community is rising above the storm, taking matters into their own hands, and returning the floodplain to nature.

Dead Plants are Powering Stockholm


The biochar process is ingenious, turning green waste into heat before returning it to the soil as an agricultural nutrient. No wonder it’s turning a profit.

DIY: Cleveland Comes Back


Inside the laundry-and-lettuce co-op empire that’s reviving local industry in Cleveland—this time, on the employees’ terms.

How China Sold Us a Solar-Powered World


All those pictures of smog-cloaked Chinese cities mask the fact that China’s cheap solar panels have fueled the world’s green-energy revolution.

Doing the Right Thing is Good Business


These days, fossil fuels look like a shakier investment than ever. As more investors decide the smart money is on clean energy, a tipping point appears near.

The Viking Guide to Oil Wealth Management


While other countries let corporate interests plunder their oil, Norway strong-armed the CEOs into giving its citizens a windfall.