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Changing Behavior: Economic Incentives


Mexico’s tax on sugary drinks will save thousands of lives and millions of dollars. Ahhh… sweet social change.

This Lake Belongs to Everyone


A city on Lake Erie convinced its waterfront property owners to give the public their waterfronts for free. It’s a case that could transform the Great Lakes forever.

Our Bicycle Future


At the Bicycle Architecture Biennale, spacious parking garages and elegant water crossings point the way to a two-wheeled utopia.

Treating Loneliness as a Medical Condition


When a small-town clinic in England started prescribing human connection to its lonely patients, rates of chats over coffee increased—and hospital visits fell.

Can We Change Our Behavior or are We Stuck?


Our future survival may depend on our ability to adopt more selfless habits. One city has proven we can do it.

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