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Sunday strolls

Streets without cars: Many of us got a taste of this tranquil experience through open streets initiatives during the Covid-19 pandemic. But in Bogotá, as The Guardian reports in a story that caught Contributing Editor Peter Yeung’s attention, that’s the case every Sunday — and has been for decades. During the city’s weekly Ciclovía, many major streets are open only to pedestrians, cyclists and skaters.

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These car-free Sundays are common across Latin America, from Bogotá to Lima.

Animal crossing

Humans aren’t the only ones who appreciate car-free streets — for other animals, crossing the street is often a matter of life or death. This week, the Washington Post reported on the building of the world’s largest wildlife bridge in California. The aim: to provide safe passage for animals over a 10-lane freeway and better connect their fragmented habitat.

A rendering of the wildlife overpass that will soon cross the 101 Freeway
A rendering of the wildlife overpass that will soon cross the 101 Freeway. Credit: Living Habitats / National Wildlife Federation

The project has been years in the making, and Contributing Editor Michaela Haas reported on plans for the overpass for RTBC in 2022. As Michaela noted, mountain lions, or cougars, live in the Santa Monica Mountains, making Los Angeles the only major city in the Western hemisphere that is home to lions. “L.A.’s will be a groundbreaking test case,” she wrote. “A wildlife crossing designed to help big cats thrive in an urban environment.”

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In other news…

This weekend, RTBC Editorial Director Rebecca Worby is heading to the Connect Beyond Festival in Asheville, North Carolina, where she’ll be in conversation with journalists Jules Holtz and Ezekiel Walker about solutions journalism and the changing media landscape. Will you be in the area? Tickets are still available.