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Is It Okay to Copy China?


A country that opposes human rights and democracy is also coming up with some smart solutions. Can we emulate the good without endorsing the bad?

Can California’s Colleges Be Saved?


Soaring tuition and slipping graduation rates have challenged the UC system’s renown. Now, an attempt to restore its former glory is underway.

The Fixer: Uber’s Ambulance Service


In this week’s news briefing: Medicaid picks up the tab for ride-hailing to the doctor, and wind farms sprout from Fukushima’s abandoned farmland.

We Are Not Doomed


Seeing painful events as signs that we’ve lost our way misses the point. The truth is, we are less lost now than when we were comfortable.

The Fixer: Fighting Pollution Like a Mother


In this week’s news briefing: moms get mad, journos shack up and cash for cops finds a new home.

It’s a New Day for LGBT Health


From transgender clinics to big wins in the fight against HIV, the landscape for LGBT health is nearly unrecognizable from just 10 years ago.

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Editors’ Picks

Reforesting the Ocean


Recently, Australian scientists proved something we once thought impossible: we can regrow the ocean forests we’ve destroyed. Now they’ve set their sights on a tougher challenge… and they can’t do it alone.

Creative Freedom


Prisons with art programs release people back into the world who are more stable, and far less likely to return. Why don’t the programs exist everywhere?

How Toilets Saved the West


The toilets in your home today are radically different than the ones of the 1950s—or even the 1990s—and may be the reason western cities are still habitable.

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Spain’s Happy Little Carless City


Pontevedra, once choked with cars, is a laboratory for how smaller cities can implement a few simple tricks to reduce driving dramatically.

The Necessity of Nuclear


After reading David Byrne’s article suggesting that nuclear power is too risky to be a part of our green energy evolution, I had a few thoughts to share.

The Decade in Cheer


Homicides fell, green space grew and your weather forecast got a lot more precise. The last 10 years were filled with positive change—really! Read our list…