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The Deep-Red City that Elected a Trans Woman


“When folks say, ‘I cannot believe a trans person could win in a place like West Virginia,’ I think, ‘This is the very place I believe a trans person could win elected office.”

A Mental Health Service for Inmates that Reduces Recidivism


In an effort to make its prisons more than punitive, Washington D.C. has begun offering cognitive behavioral therapy to incarcerated individuals.

Kentucky’s Abandoned Coal Mines Are Elk Heaven


The remnants of a destructive form of mining have inadvertently helped the elk return to coal country for the first time since the Civil War.

How Portland Makes Local Food Work for Everyone


A food hub known as the Redd solves the business and logistical challenges of local food — and helps small farmers become a big deal.

Making Art Is Keeping Us Sane


Neuroscientists have determined that creation can keep you from going Covid crazy, so we asked you to send us the art you’ve made under lockdown. It’s amazing.

Protesters Are Showing What Policing Could Look Like


At a police-free zone in Seattle, “sentinels” are keeping the peace in peaceful fashion.

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Editors’ Picks

A Proven Way to Change Voters’ Minds


In this week’s news briefing: empathy-based political canvassing, old seeds grown anew and pavement that lets the water in.

Emptier Jails Could Stay That Way


Covid-19 is showing us what ending mass incarceration could look like. Some judges and prosecutors like what they see.

How Toilets Saved the West


The toilets in your home today are radically different than the ones of the 1950s—or even the 1990s—and may be the reason western cities are still habitable.

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The World Is Changing — So Can We


The pandemic is revealing the many ways our lives intersect. Is this an opportunity for us to reimagine what we can be?

Can We All Be Like Texas?


How a conservative, oil-pumping state became one of the world’s biggest generators of wind power.

The Coronavirus-Proof Nation


Taiwan has built a pragmatic, solutions-oriented society where democracy is expected to deliver results. Amid the pandemic, it’s paying off.