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French Cuisine Has Gone Off the Grid

4 min read

As other businesses go green, food service remains an energy-intensive outlier. Europe’s first solar-powered restaurant wants to change the recipe.

From a Prison Garden Sprouts Real Growth

6 min read

Amid rows of snap peas and summer squash, incarcerated gardeners cultivate job skills, inner peace and fresh produce for the cafeteria.

The Gay ‘Green Book’ Is Going Online

5 min read

A digitization project will ensure that a series of 20th century guides for LGBTQ travelers aren’t lost to history.

This Seattle Affordable Housing Project Is a Transit Rider’s Dream

7 min read

The city’s transit agency is building apartments by light rail stations that folks can actually afford.

Maine Will Charge Companies to Encourage More Recyclable Packaging

3 min read

The more easily a product’s packaging can be recycled, the lower the fees.

This Is the First Ecosystem With Its Own Insurance Policy

7 min read

A 100-mile stretch of coral reef in Mexico is now insured just like any other valuable asset. Is this the future of conservation?

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Editors’ Picks

“Community Sponsorship” Is Diversifying the Refugee Resettlement Process

5 min read

Involving local groups means newly arrived refugees can be greeted by someone whose culture they recognize as their own.

A System for Sharing Household Heat Is Growing Beneath France

4 min read

Green energy is generated at a central location, then shuttled through underground pipes to homes in suburban Paris.

Cleveland Is Taking Its Voter Registration Drive Literally

2 min read

Registration caravans on wheels are making sure Latino communities don’t get missed.

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World’s Largest Seagrass Project Proves “You Can Actually Restore the Oceans”

4 min read

A “game changing” 20-year effort suggests that even severely depleted marine ecosystems can be brought back to life.

Keeping People Out of Jail Keeps People Out of Jail

8 min read

To reduce incarceration, some counties and cities have stopped automatically prosecuting minor nonviolent crimes — and crime overall has gone down. A wave of policy and policing reform has followed.

The Sounds of Healing

6 min read

When musician Yoko Sen ended up in the hospital, she was overwhelmed by the cacophony of noise. What if all those beeps and alarms could sound like music instead?

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