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How Do You Say ‘Danger’ in Sperm Whale Clicks?

2 min read

These massive sea creatures communicate in complex, techno-like patterns. Listening in could prove key to saving them.

Inside the UK’s First Open-Access, Pay-As-You-Go Factory

6 min read

By making manufacturing technology available and affordable, maker spaces like BLOQS are knocking down barriers.

How Schools in Germany Are Preparing Students for Flexible Futures

8 min read

With interest in vocational training on the rise in the US and elsewhere, a German program promising “no graduation without connection” could provide a model.

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At ‘Garbage Cafes,’ You Can Trade Plastic Bottles for Free Food

5 min read

Designated eateries in India’s capital are addressing the problem of plastic waste while providing warm meals for those in need.

A Tidal Wetland Restoration of Epic Proportions

< 1

Salt ponds form a vast mosaic spanning thousands of acres in California’s South Bay. But a 50-year transformation is underway.

What We’re Reading: Sustainable Soccer, Curbing Deforestation and More

2 min read

See what caught our attention this week, from the carbon footprint of sporting events to the persistent problem of palm oil.

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Editors’ Picks

The Beautiful Place that Stopped Big Bottled Water

6 min read

As Washington State moves to ban companies from selling its spring water, the story of Hood River County shows how even a small place can stop the extraction of its most precious resource.

The NFL Logo Embraced by the Indigenous People Who Inspired It

5 min read

In a sports world fraught with controversial mascots, the Seattle Seahawks logo isn’t just accepted — it’s beloved.

Churches Are Becoming Players in Making Cities More Affordable

4 min read

They own prime land in expensive residential areas and have a mandate to help the vulnerable.

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The Perks of Virtual Coworking With Strangers

6 min read

Amid the rise of remote work, “body doubling” has been helping those with ADHD — and those who just want more support — get things done.

What We’re Reading: Eating Invasive Fish, Smart Densification and More

2 min read

See what caught our attention this week, from blue catfish filets to a lesson for New York’s housing crisis.

What We’re Reading: Climate Seniors’ Victory, Surging Solar and More

2 min read

See what caught our attention this week, from a landmark climate ruling to the encouraging rise in renewable energy in the US.

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