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A High School for Dropouts

10 min read

A “curated” approach — including on-site childcare and academic coaching — gives adults a second chance at a diploma.

WhatsApp Is Preventing Child Marriage in Rural India

5 min read

The messaging app enables activists to swiftly stop illegal weddings, helping kids to stay in school — and stay kids.

Can a Tiny Restaurant Surcharge Move the Needle on Climate?

6 min read

Investing just one percent of food and beverage sales in regenerative agriculture could be key to changing the food system.

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The Backyard Farmers Who Grow Food With Fog

& < 1 min read

In one of the world’s driest cities, an ingenious system channels water from the air to those who need it most.

Getting the Soil Right: How Carbon Farming Combats Climate Change

7 min read

When it comes to maximizing carbon sequestration, one key strategy lies beneath farmers’ feet.

Putting Green Jobs in the Curriculum

5 min read

California students are becoming more environmentally aware while lowering their high school’s carbon footprint.

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Editors’ Picks

Churches Are Becoming Players in Making Cities More Affordable

4 min read

They own prime land in expensive residential areas and have a mandate to help the vulnerable.

A Bridge Will Help Humans and Lions Coexist in Los Angeles

6 min read

As the only major Western city that is home to lions, L.A. is breaking new ground in infrastructure designed for big wildlife.

How San Francisco Cracked the Urban Composting Code

7 min read

As California begins statewide composting, the place that pioneered it in the ’90s shows how dramatically it can benefit a city.

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Paris Is Undergoing a Water Revolution

5 min read

From urban swimming to fixing leaks to public fountains, France’s capital is getting smart about its most precious resource.

For Indigenous Peoples With Deep Ties to the Land, Climate Change Is Personal

9 min read

“Indigenous worldviews look at the land as an extension of the self, so can you argue that land is body?”

Mindful Breathing Is Coming to New York City Classrooms This Fall

4 min read

Every student in the city will engage in two to five minutes of daily mindfulness, a tactic that has shown positive effects in schools around the world.

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