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The Computer Designed to Last

4 min read

Repairable, upgradable computers are here, and could make your next laptop something you own for a very long time.

U.S. Homebuyers Could Soon Get Help with the Down Payment

6 min read

The social spending bill includes funding — proven to work in other countries — that would help millions buy their first home.

Tulsa’s $10,000 Offer to Remote Workers Is Paying Off

3 min read

Some 1,200 workers have moved to the city, and it looks like most plan to stay.

Secret Hand Gestures Are Fighting Violence Against Women and Teens

4 min read

A signal promoted on TikTok that led to a girl’s rescue in Kentucky is the latest sly method for combating abuse.

Every Battery Is a Treasure Box

4 min read

A tsunami of spent EV batteries is coming, and the effort to recover the valuable materials inside them is already underway.

Why I’ll Leave Prison Ready for a Green-Collar Career

8 min read

At the Florida prison where I reside, incarcerated folks are training each other for stable, well-paying jobs in sustainable industries.

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Editors’ Picks

Build Your Own Dialysis Machine!

3 min read

In clinics and hospitals around the world, doctors and nurses turn household objects into medical instruments. MIT’s Little Devices Lab is giving them the tools to build even better.

Putting Parks over Pavement

6 min read

Urban neighborhoods that were severed decades ago by massive highways are finally being sewn back together by public spaces designed to reconnect and heal.

Britain Is Pioneering the Menopause-Friendly Workplace

4 min read

The rarely discussed condition that forces women to scale back their careers is finally getting the equity treatment.

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Would You Compost Your Body to Create Life after Death?

6 min read

Three U.S. states have legalized “natural organic reduction,” in which the dead are returned to the earth to help nourish its growth. 

France Is Freeing Fruit and Veg from Its Plastic Prison

4 min read

Under a new law, a large portion of the country’s produce will no longer be sold in single-use plastic containers.

Milan Is Winning the Fight Against Food Waste

4 min read

The city’s groundbreaking “zero waste” strategy aims to leave no meal behind.

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