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Beneath This Sea, a Sculpture Garden Is Saving an Ecosystem

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The Mediterranean is the world’s most overfished sea — and a proving ground for how art can elevate conservation.

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San Francisco Bay Is Becoming a Safe Haven for Whales

3 min read

A new buoy-to-satellite system that detects whale song helps ship captains avoid fatal collisions.

Urban Residents Are Tracking ‘Indoor Heat Waves’

7 min read

In Harlem, a neighborhood network of sensors — and citizen scientists — are measuring a little-understood risk.

Our New Membership Program Launches This Week!

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How does it work? What are the perks? Is this a paywall? In a short video, David Byrne answers questions about our new membership program.

How Kenya Became the World’s Geothermal Powerhouse

5 min read

An effort that began 70 years ago is poised to propel the country to middle-income status on a wave of green energy.

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Editors’ Picks

Could a Citizens’ Assembly Help Fix Your Democracy?

6 min read

Allowing randomly selected people to influence government policies has promise — and limitations.

Black Churches Are Turning Vaccine Skeptics Into Believers

3 min read

Public health and church officials have turned the shots into a Sunday ritual.

Ancient Farming Techniques Are Climate-Proofing Today’s Agriculture

3 min read

In the Bolivian Andes, the low-water growing practices used by Mayans and Aztecs are making a comeback.

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Floating Solar Farms Are a Game Changer

6 min read

A lack of available land is the biggest obstacle to solar power’s expansion — or maybe it isn’t.

Japan’s ‘Zero Waste’ Village Is a Model for Small-Town Sustainability

5 min read

In Kamikatsu, recycling isn’t just an environmental imperative — it’s the glue that unifies a community.

Cars Are Vanishing from Paris

6 min read

The share of journeys made by car in the city has fallen by nearly half, and the trend is only accelerating.

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