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The Fixer: An Insurance Giant Embraces ‘Housing First’


In this week’s news briefing: ending homelessness for profit, coffee saves the rainforest and rural America takes on climate change.

Free the Floodplains!


Millions of Americans live at risk of flooding, but slow federal flood buyouts drain precious time and resources. How one community is rising above the storm, taking matters into their own hands, and returning the floodplain to nature.

Rock-a-Bye Mama


New moms in difficult situations sometimes find it tough to connect with their babies. Carnegie Hall is helping change that across the continent with one of the simplest, most innate tools in the mothering toolbox: lullabies.

The Fixer: A Power Plant You Can Ski


In this week’s news briefing: healing Israel’s overcrowded hospitals, healthier snacks for condors and a ski slope that converts waste into energy.

Trees Are Healing Our Planet


A recent study found that new forests might be our best shot at saving the world. A global guide to doing it right.

A School Where Character Gets a Grade


An A+ for accountability? How one school grades students’ “character data” as much as their homework, and gets a decent report card on future success

Editors’ Picks

When Politics Fails, Call the Lawyers


It was legal teams—not politicians—that ultimately held the tobacco industry to account. Their next target? Perpetrators of climate change.

Let Them Eat Larvae


Farmers are feeding their livestock the larvae of black soldier flies—an abundant, sustainable snack that’s quietly greening the industry, one maggot at a time.

Free the Paramedics!


They’re the medical system’s eyes and ears, yet they’re treated as crisis managers. Now some cities are letting their paramedics get to know their patients, with remarkable results.

Most Popular

Spain’s Happy Little Carless City


Pontevedra, once choked with cars, is a laboratory for how smaller cities can implement a few simple tricks to reduce driving dramatically.

The Necessity of Nuclear


After reading David Byrne’s article suggesting that nuclear power is too risky to be a part of our green energy evolution, I had a few thoughts to share.

This Lake Belongs to Everyone


A city on Lake Erie convinced its waterfront property owners to give the public their waterfronts for free. It’s a case that could transform the Great Lakes forever.

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