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China’s Singles Have Had It

2 min read

In a country where laws often penalize the unmarried, a “singles rights” movement is gaining steam.

The Swedish City That Asked Its Banks for an Ultimatum

4 min read

If Gothenburg doesn’t meet its climate and social goals, its lending banks will charge it a fine — at the city’s request.

How One Nigerian State Overcame Vaccine Hesitancy and Eradicated Polio

6 min read

As much of Nigeria struggles to contain a polio outbreak, traditional leaders in Cross River have made sure their local constituents embrace the vaccine.

The Whimsical Skywalks of Rotterdam

3 min read

By connecting the city’s rooftops, the floating bridges pay homage to under-appreciated urban spaces.

Evanston, Illinois Is the First City to Offer Reparations to Black Residents

7 min read

In “an extraordinarily commendable first step,” families whose descendants experienced housing discrimination can receive $25,000.

No College? No Problem

4 min read

“Skills-based hiring” is catching on as fewer employers require college diplomas, a major step toward shrinking the racial wealth gap.

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Editors’ Picks

A New Generation of Black Farmers Is Cultivating Self-Determination

6 min read

By going back to the land, Black farmers are resuming a journey toward “food sovereignty” that began centuries ago.

A Black-Owned Beach Is Returned to Its Owners after 97 Years

3 min read

The waterfront property, seized in 1924, is being given back to the family that originally bought it. It’s now worth $75 million.

Black Churches Are Turning Vaccine Skeptics Into Believers

3 min read

Public health and church officials have turned the shots into a Sunday ritual.

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The Case of the Vanishing Cafeteria Tray

3 min read

Once a staple of communal dining, food trays are disappearing — along with a harmful human impulse.

You’ve Got Mail from Timbuktu

5 min read

Anyone can receive a postcard from this city rumored to be at the edge of the earth — and support a post-tourism economy in the process.

Home Is Where the Art Is

7 min read

In Düsseldorf, revenues from sales of works by famous artists are used to buy apartments for those who need them most.

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