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Growing Pot with Beer Bubbles


In this week’s news briefing: Brewery emissions find a higher purpose and transit-oriented soccer fields sprout in Atlanta.

Illegal Fishing You Can See from Space


Satellites are tracking thousands of fishing vessels in real time to make sure your mahi mahi is just as sustainably sourced as the label claims.

This Apple Computer Stops Food from Spoiling


In this week’s news briefing: a device to prevent rotting produce, gay rights advance in Virginia and Japan makes a science of lost-and-found.

The Planet-Saving Potential of Whale Poop


How a chance encounter on the high seas between scientists and an IMF economist led to a trillion-dollar epiphany about earth’s largest creature.

Do School Plays Lead to PhDs?


A new report shows a correlation that’s held for decades: People with more education are more involved in the arts. Or is it the other way around?

A Proven Way to Change Voters’ Minds


In this week’s news briefing: empathy-based political canvassing, old seeds grown anew and pavement that lets the water in.

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Editors’ Picks

This Is What Classical Music Looks Like


Meet the new generation of talent transforming music’s whitest genre.

But Would You Live There?


In Singapore, housing is affordable, diverse and impeccably maintained.

How South Africa Ended Its Secret Births


A country where many parents once hid their children’s existence from the government has achieved something once thought impossible: universal birth registration.

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Spain’s Happy Little Carless City


Pontevedra, once choked with cars, is a laboratory for how smaller cities can implement a few simple tricks to reduce driving dramatically.

The Necessity of Nuclear


After reading David Byrne’s article suggesting that nuclear power is too risky to be a part of our green energy evolution, I had a few thoughts to share.

We Are Not Doomed


Seeing painful events as signs that we’ve lost our way misses the point. The truth is, we are less lost now than when we were comfortable.