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Walk it out

Contributing Editor Peter Yeung has been traveling for several months — and bringing us great stories from places like the Galapagos and Peru’s Cordillera Azul along the way. But this week, he shared a Le Monde story about his hometown that made our New York-based staff envious.

Peter Yeung

Peter says:


Parisians just voted to triple parking fees for SUVs. It’s almost unthinkable for this to happen in the US. But, as I reported on back in 2022, these measures really are needed to make cities more livable and people-centered.

People in a crosswalk in Paris.
Pedestrians in Paris. Credit: Alexandros Michailidis / Shutterstock

AP logoGetting crabby

Editorial Director Rebecca Worby drew our attention to some good news about sea otters, a topic that Contributing Editor Michaela Haas wrote about for us last year. According to AP News, otters are helping to save California’s marshlands from erosion — by consuming crabs that would otherwise eat away at the plants that keeps dirt in place.

Rebecca Worby Slack avatar Becca says:


When Michaela wrote about the return of otters to Oregon and California, one of the experts she spoke to mentioned that he’d observed reduced erosion. So it’s cool to see this update — and fun to picture all those otters feasting on crabs. 

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An atmospheric river brought powerful storms to California this week, so we’re thinking about how such events affect the landscape. We’ve covered recent flood mitigation efforts in the state, including a story from last month by Elizabeth Hewitt about farmland restored to a floodplain.