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How a Tent City Controversy Became a Community’s Epiphany

When an affluent California city erected temporary shelters in a public parking lot, angry residents revolted — and then they got involved.

Government ‘Ministries of Loneliness’ Bridge the Gaps of Social Distance

Where isolation is an official policy, alleviating it is becoming one, too.

Portland’s ‘Hygiene Hub’ Goes Way Beyond Free Showers

A full-service facility run by the people who need it offers hot water, laundry, medical care — and legitimization.

4 Clever Ways We’re Getting More Shots into Arms

From veterinarian vaccinators to pop-up sites at mosques, here are some of the methods making the vaccine campaign more effective and equitable.

Cops and Hippies

Not every call to the police requires an armed response. Now, a more compassionate alternative is catching on.

Black Churches Are Preaching Mental Health Care

Facing racial violence and Covid-19, some congregations are putting their faith in psychology.

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Transcending Judgment

More States Say of Roadkill: Why Waste It?

A no-waste, no-cost solution — endorsed by everyone from hunters to PETA — is finally going mainstream.

The Happy Little Nursing Homes Outsmarting Covid-19

In “small house” elder-care facilities, family-sized groups of residents are thriving. The virus is not.

Hard-Knocks Restaurant Workers Are Embracing Mental Wellness

An industry that often celebrates pushing through the pain is turning its focus to mental health.

A Therapist Teaches Us How to Connect

In our latest “Bridging Divides” video, a crash course in reaching out to those who feel furthest away.

The Non-Partisan “Pro-Voice” Abortion Space

How one organization is taking ideology out of reproductive health.

Take Two Carrots and Call Me in the Morning

As the pandemic makes supermarkets a no-go zone for some, cities are writing prescriptions for free fruits and vegetables, delivered right to residents’ doors.

New York Is Using Data to Stop Homelessness Before It Starts

The city is pinpointing residents who are on the verge of losing their homes and getting them help before it happens.

Scotland’s ‘Navigators’ Transform Lives in the Emergency Room

Patients involved in violence may find a pink-shirted “Navigator” at their bedside, gently asking what led to the incident — and how they can help.

Wine Country’s Farmworkers Are Staying Healthy Against All Odds

Populated by seasonal laborers, Oregon’s Willamette Valley could have been devastated by the coronavirus. Instead, it’s become a model for how to keep workers safe.

A Mental Health Service for Inmates that Reduces Recidivism

In an effort to make its prisons more than punitive, Washington D.C. has begun offering cognitive behavioral therapy to incarcerated individuals.

5 More Countries Dodging the Virus

After we featured a list of places beating the coronavirus, many of you wrote in with your own countries’ success stories. Here are five you said we shouldn’t miss.

These Unsung Countries Are Vanquishing the Virus

While success stories like Germany and South Korea are rightly hailed, some of the most effective responses are in countries that haven’t been making the news.

Alaska Is Using South Korea’s Method to Beat the Virus

With the fewest infections of any state, Alaska proves contact tracing can work — even in America.

Emptier Jails Could Stay That Way

Covid-19 is showing us what ending mass incarceration could look like. Some judges and prosecutors like what they see.

These First Responders Are Rescuing Food

As farms and restaurants close, organizers are mobilizing to make sure the food left behind gets to where it’s needed most.

Why Hospitals Are Building Housing

As people’s homes become bulwarks against the pandemic, funding for health care is being spent on housing. Maybe they were the same thing all along.

Who Killed Tony the Tiger?

Chile is banning cereal mascots and slapping warning labels on unhealthy foods. Now even the kids won’t touch them.

It’s a New Day for LGBT Health

From transgender clinics to big wins in the fight against HIV, the landscape for LGBT health is nearly unrecognizable from just 10 years ago.

Tchau Tchau, Malaria

In country after country, one of the world’s deadliest diseases is being eradicated. In many cases, it’s women leading the fight.

Free the Paramedics!

They’re the medical system’s eyes and ears, yet they’re treated as crisis managers. Now some cities are letting their paramedics get to know their patients, with remarkable results.

Everybody Needs a Home

What would happen if our first step towards solving homelessness was to actually give people someplace to live?

Portugal’s Wildly Successful Decriminalization Experiment

By decriminalizing even “hard” drugs like heroin and cocaine, Portugal drove down HIV rates and overdose deathsand proved beyond a doubt that harm reduction works.

Interactive: Harm Reduction Goes Global

How a once-radical idea is becoming the norm in country after country.

Bleeding-Heart Capitalism

A doctor in Denver is blending the Medicaid model with a capitalist profit motive, offering high-quality health care without the frills.