MaryLou Costa

MaryLou Costa is a freelance writer fascinated by the future of work, especially changes that advance women in the workplace. She also covers sustainability, innovation, technology, startups, marketing and more. Her work has featured in The Guardian, The Observer, Business Insider, Raconteur, Sifted, Digiday, Marketing Week and others, plus she has appeared on Times Radio, BBC and Sky News.

A Simple Fix Lifts Single Moms Out of Poverty in India’s Slums

5 min read

Fund A Mom’s direct cash payments are helping mothers in Jaipur feed their kids and change their lives.

For Parents Stressed by a Crying Baby, Help Is on the Way

4 min read

From hotlines to home visits, these organizations offer a helping hand when overwhelmed parents need it most.

Companies Are Helping Their Workers Commute Sustainably

5 min read

Businesses are rewarding employees for leaving their cars at home, handing cities a powerful new tool in their quest to reduce car use.

Remote Work Is a Chance to Do Something Meaningful

6 min read

In the work-from-anywhere era, it’s easier than ever to keep earning your salary while volunteering abroad.

When’s the Long Weekend? Whenever You Want

3 min read

Recognizing that many public holidays are pegged to Western and Christian traditions, companies are taking a more inclusive approach to days off.

The Swedish City That Asked Its Banks for an Ultimatum

4 min read

If Gothenburg doesn’t meet its climate and social goals, its lending banks will charge it a fine — at the city’s request.

No College? No Problem

4 min read

“Skills-based hiring” is catching on as fewer employers require college diplomas, a major step toward shrinking the racial wealth gap.

‘Internships’ for Adults Are Helping Women Rejoin the Workforce

3 min read

Covid put a multi-year gap in millions of resumés. Now some companies are offering a supportive path back.

With This Company’s Support, Women Are Escaping Their Abusers

4 min read

Brazil’s largest retailer takes extraordinary steps to help employees impacted by domestic violence.

Miscarriage Leave Policies Do More Than End a Taboo

4 min read

New Zealand is offering paid leave to women who miscarry — not just to grieve, but to fight discrimination.

Britain Is Pioneering the Menopause-Friendly Workplace

4 min read

The rarely discussed condition that forces women to scale back their careers is finally getting the equity treatment.

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