Daniel McGraw

Daniel McGraw is a freelance journalist and author in Lakewood, Ohio. Follow him on Twitter @danmcgraw1

The Perks of Roommates With a 50-Year Age Difference

7 min read

Intergenerational homesharing has taken off. The pandemic has complicated the calculus, but some say it’s more vital than ever.

Emptier Jails Could Stay That Way

6 min read

Covid-19 is showing us what ending mass incarceration could look like. Some judges and prosecutors like what they see.

Abandoned Coal Plants Are a Huge Opportunity

6 min read

They’re cavernous, solidly built and often on prime urban land. Now, they’re being reborn as everything from charter schools to solar farms.

The Slow Demise of Cash Bail

6 min read

As it bans holding defendants on bail for nonviolent crimes, New York is the latest state to challenge America’s bizarre system of money for freedom.

Making It Rain

8 min read

Is rainwater capture the new solar panel? How drought-stricken cities are capitalizing on a building solution so simple, it’s almost like it’s right above our heads.

Free the Transit System!

5 min read

No, seriously. Like, actually make it free. A rust belt guide to increasing ridership.

A Republican Suburb Designed for Cyclists

6 min read

A deep-red town in Indiana has a bicycling network that would make Boulder blush. Their secret? Forget the politics and treat bikes more like cars.

This Lake Belongs to Everyone

5 min read

A city on Lake Erie convinced its waterfront property owners to give the public their waterfronts for free. It’s a case that could transform the Great Lakes forever.

DIY: Cleveland Comes Back

6 min read

Inside the laundry-and-lettuce co-op empire that’s reviving local industry in Cleveland—this time, on the employees’ terms.

Putting Parks over Pavement

6 min read

Urban neighborhoods that were severed decades ago by massive highways are finally being sewn back together by public spaces designed to reconnect and heal.

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