Will Doig

Will Doig is co-editor of Reasons to be Cheerful.

How Cities Will Avoid Death by Self-Driving Car


Major cities have signaled a commitment to curbing private autonomous vehicles, and their transportation systems are already reaping the benefits.

“The Best Worst Mistake You Ever Made”


Before they became places to warehouse so-called problem kids, alternative learning centers were designed to help at-risk students succeed. Some are rediscovering that mission.

Women Scientists Raise Their Decibel Level


To change the misperception that scientists are all old white guys in lab coats, thousands of women scientists are banding together to make their voices heard.

Build Your Own Dialysis Machine!


In clinics and hospitals around the world, doctors and nurses turn household objects into medical instruments. MIT’s Little Devices Lab is giving them the tools to build even better.

How China Sold Us a Solar-Powered World


All those pictures of smog-cloaked Chinese cities mask the fact that China’s cheap solar panels have fueled the world’s green-energy revolution.