Corey Buhay

Corey Buhay is a Colorado-based freelance writer and a former editor of Backpacker Magazine. You can read her work in Smithsonian, Outside, The Denver Post, Climbing and Alpinist.

Are Sleek Modular Homes the Future of Affordable Housing?

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A Colorado factory is making homes that are indistinguishable from traditionally built ones — and chipping away at the housing crisis.

The Towns Outsmarting Airbnb

8 min read

Communities across the US are finding clever ways to crack down on the short-term housing market, making more homes available for residents.

The Frozen Waterfall Deal That Eased a Colorado Town’s Water Crisis

7 min read

When Ouray’s main attraction dried up, an alliance between ice climbers and silver miners created a blueprint for how drought-stricken towns can keep water flowing.

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