Geetanjali Krishna

Over the last two decades, Geetanjali Krishna has traveled across India to report on the environment, climate change and global health. She co-founded The India Story Agency, a cross-border media collaborative with London-based journalist Sally Howard in 2020. One of 10 journalists across the world chosen for the Solutions Journalism Network’s LEDE fellowship 2023, and awardee of the Global Health Security Grant 2021 by the European Journalism Centre, her recent bylines can be found in The British Medical Journal, Reasons to be Cheerful, bioGraphic, BBC Future and Business Standard.

A Brave New Generation of Craftspeople in Kashmir

6 min read

In a region known for violent conflict, the practice of traditional crafts is helping to restore normalcy and rebuild lives.

The Cheap, Clever Promise of ‘Water ATMs’

6 min read

The machines — and the rural entrepreneurs who run them — are helping more people in India access safe drinking water.

A Community-Driven Path to Replenishing Groundwater in a Parched Region

< 1

Villages in a drought-plagued part of North India have been transformed by local meetings and a revival of old farming practices.

For Indian Farmers, Artificial Glaciers Are a High-Altitude Antidote to Drought

6 min read

Tall, slow-melting “ice stupas” offer a clever way to store water until it’s needed to irrigate summer crops.

Rohingya Refugees Capture the Reality of Their Lives One Photo at a Time

7 min read

Rohingyatographer is documenting refugee life in Bangladesh through refugees’ own eyes and lenses — and the world is taking notice.

Reviving the Lost Waterways of India’s ‘City of Lakes’

6 min read

Bengaluru is slowly re-earning its watery reputation, one lake restoration project at a time.

The ‘Barefoot College’ Reinventing Rural Education

7 min read

Teaching everything from emergency medicine to solar engineering, a radical new university is serving the needs of India’s rural poor, whether they can read or not.

The Right Way to Repair a Mountain

< 1

A locally driven push to restore a Himalayan paradise preserved an economy, a community and an ecosystem all at once.

111 Trees Per Daughter Changed This Village’s Future

5 min read

How an unusual ritual led to fewer child marriages, less flooding, a boom in girls’ education — and a cultural transformation.

To Grow Coral Reefs, Get Them Buzzed

7 min read

Zapped with solar electrical currents, struggling reefs can self-repair with incredible speed — and even grow where none have existed before.

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