Peter Yeung

Peter Yeung is a Contributing Editor at Reasons to be Cheerful. A Paris-based journalist, he also writes for publications including the Guardian, the LA Times and the BBC. He’s filed stories from across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.

Why ‘Work from Anywhere’ Works for Refugees

4 min read

As remote employment becomes the norm, some refugees are discovering new opportunities and autonomy.

Returning 600,000 Acres to Nature, One Piece at a Time

4 min read

As homeowners, churches and even railway operators “rewild” their land, biodiversity is flocking back to England’s East Anglia region.

The Fridge the Vaccines Have Been Waiting For

3 min read

Ice-chilled, powered by the sun and cold for weeks without electricity, the future of refrigeration is here — and just in time.

France’s ‘Peevolution’ Is Irrigating Farms With Liquid Gold

4 min read

A century ago, Paris recycled half of its urine. Today, it’s being used as a high-grade fertilizer once again.

Ancient Farming Techniques Are Climate-Proofing Today’s Agriculture

3 min read

In the Bolivian Andes, the low-water growing practices used by Mayans and Aztecs are making a comeback.

For a Clean Ocean, Just Add Oysters

4 min read

From picturesque Mediterranean isles to New York’s bustling harbor, strategically placed oyster colonies are depolluting the sea with ease.

French Cuisine Has Gone Off the Grid

4 min read

As other businesses go green, food service remains an energy-intensive outlier. Europe’s first solar-powered restaurant wants to change the recipe.

How Bogotá’s Waste Pickers Reinvented Their Jobs for a Modern City

5 min read

As waste collection gets professionalized, the people who keep Bogotá clean and green are making sure they’re not left behind.

Ask Me Anything! Our New Contributing Editor Peter Yeung

2 min read

What makes Paris special? Any tips for learning French? You asked, Peter answered.

No Smoking — Ever? New Zealand’s Plan to Stub Out Cigarettes

4 min read

In an era of decriminalization, a proposal to phase in a total ban has some harm-reduction advocates scratching their heads.

In Paris, More Student Diversity Means Less Private School Flight

4 min read

An experiment in shuffling kids from school to school saw more families stick with the public system.

Spain’s Four-Day Work Week Is a Game Changer

3 min read

Most experiments with four-day weeks have been motivated by corporate self-interest. That could be changing.

In France, Accents Are Now Protected by Law

8 min read

A groundbreaking new rule aims to let people speak freely and without fear of discrimination.

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