Peter Yeung

Peter Yeung is a Contributing Editor at Reasons to be Cheerful. A Paris-based journalist, he also writes for publications including the Guardian, the LA Times and the BBC. He’s filed stories from across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.

No Smoking — Ever? New Zealand’s Plan to Stub Out Cigarettes

4 min read

In an era of decriminalization, a proposal to phase in a total ban has some harm-reduction advocates scratching their heads.

In Paris, More Student Diversity Means Less Private School Flight

4 min read

An experiment in shuffling kids from school to school saw more families stick with the public system.

Spain’s Four-Day Work Week Is a Game Changer

3 min read

Most experiments with four-day weeks have been motivated by corporate self-interest. That could be changing.

In France, Accents Are Now Protected by Law

8 min read

A groundbreaking new rule aims to let people speak freely and without fear of discrimination.

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