Tolu Olasoji

Tolu Olasoji is a Contributing Editor at Reasons to be Cheerful. A journalist who writes on sports, culture, technology, innovation, policy, social issues, and their intersections, he is based in Lagos.

A Notorious Invasive Plant Shows Promise in Green Construction

4 min read

Imported from Japan in 1876, kudzu strangles forests and farmland throughout the South. Could it build cities instead?

How to Hire Remote Workers from Economically Distressed Countries

6 min read

The platform iWorker connects workers in countries like Venezuela with businesses abroad, offering benefits to both.

Can We Build Less Biased Medical Bots?

6 min read

A Black skin health company is giving dermatologists and patients the medical information they need. Their next step? Training the bias out of medical AI.

South Africa Is Pioneering a Better World for Domestic Workers

6 min read

How a country known for labor abuses under apartheid became a place where groundbreaking worker protections are forged.

A Monthly Ritual of Selflessness Has Transformed Rwanda

4 min read

On the last Saturday of each month, everyone stops what they’re doing and works together to improve their communities. It’s called Umuganda.

Surfing Beyond Life’s Scars in Liberia

5 min read

How does a young generation wracked by civil war and ebola move forward? In one African surfing town, atop the perfect wave.

South African Women Are Reclaiming Their Voices in the Media

6 min read

With elections approaching, the stakes are high. One organization is making sure journalists listen to women.

Hey Siri, Learn to Speak Kinyarwanda

4 min read

The most popular voice assistants don’t recognize a single native African language. Now thousands across the continent are donating their voices to change that.

Ask Me Anything! Our New Contributing Editor Tolu Olasoji

3 min read

How has the pandemic changed your life? What’s an average day like in Lagos? What is your favorite Beyoncé song? You asked, Tolu answered.

The Group Turning Religious Leaders into LGBTQ Rights Crusaders

8 min read

Rather than fighting anti-gay faith leaders, a group in Kenya spends years cultivating relationships with them — and converts them into allies.

Africa’s Wikipedia Editors Are Changing How the World Sees Their Continent

5 min read

A grassroots movement enlists Africans to write their own story on one of the world’s biggest websites.

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