Mitch Anderson

Mitch Anderson is a frequent contributor the The Tyee, a Vancouver-based online newspaper, writing about the environment, climate change and resource economics. His work has also appeared in Foreign Policy, The Guardian, Utne Reader and Desmog Blog.

Germany Is Leading the World Toward a Green Recovery

6 min read

As Europe’s biggest economy reboots, it — and many others — are planning to transition away from fossil fuels.

Now Anything Is Possible

5 min read

In a new series, we explore how the Covid-19 pandemic is making changes once dismissed as pipe dreams happen seemingly overnight.

The Planet-Saving Potential of Whale Poop

5 min read

How a chance encounter on the high seas between scientists and an IMF economist led to a trillion-dollar epiphany about earth’s largest creature.

Power Struggle

8 min read

In the haze of the California wildfires, a Native American tribe’s independent electricity grid saved the day. Is a new model for energy in America rising from the ashes? 

Trees Are Healing Our Planet

5 min read

A recent study found that new forests might be our best shot at saving the world. A global guide to doing it right.

When Politics Fails, Call the Lawyers

6 min read

It was legal teams—not politicians—that ultimately held the tobacco industry to account. Their next target? Perpetrators of climate change.

Interactive: 30 Years of Suing the Bastards

< 1

Early lawsuits like the Exxon Valdez settlement paved the way for the cases now holding climate changers to account. See our timeline of the eco-litigation evolution.

The Viking Guide to Oil Wealth Management

10 min read

While other countries let corporate interests plunder their oil, Norway strong-armed the CEOs into giving its citizens a windfall.

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