Eric Krebs

Eric Krebs is a writer and student from Queens, New York. He currently attends Yale University, where he studies economics and anthropology. Visit him on Twitter at @ericjohnkrebs.

2021 Was the Year Cargo Shipping Pivoted Green

4 min read

Political, economic and technological stars are aligning to make a stubbornly carbon-intensive industry sustainable.

Inside the Movement to Clean Up the World’s Most Toxic Sites

5 min read

A sprawling initiative identifies pollution hotspots so the communities affected by them can act.

Where £100 Can Make You a Solar Entrepreneur

5 min read

In Bath, England, even the smallest investors can support – and profit from – the city’s green energy boom.

Oregon’s New Hard Drugs Policy Is Both Radical and Sane

6 min read

Legal magic mushrooms? Tolerance for heroin and meth? It’s not as crazy as it sounds.

You Don’t Have to Hate the Other Side

< 1

The ability to fight with love instead of rage is what makes us human.

What if Climate Change Isn’t as Polarizing as We Think?

< 1

It benefits politicians to portray the issue as deeply divisive, but most voters don’t see it that way.

Empathy Is a Muscle You Build

< 1

A system for turning “they” into “we.”

Building a Kinder, Gentler, Smarter Social Media User

< 1

How a platform that rewards informed opinion and civil debate is changing our behavior.

The Nature of Polarization Is Changing

< 1

Stanford researcher Jan Gerrit Voelkel explains why a more passion-fueled form of partisanship is on the rise – and how it’s reshaping politics.

Why Kindness Is a Winning Campaign Tactic

< 1

Amid all the mudslinging is a proven fact: Civility wins the hearts of voters.

How Can I Convince You?

< 1

In the first in a series of interviews with Stanford polarization researchers, Robb Willer explains how to persuade someone they agree with you – whether they know it or not.

Cooperative Housing Is Redefining ‘Home’ for People with Disabilities

5 min read

By sharing everything from services to accessibility renovations, co-housing strikes a balance between autonomy and affordability.

The Pandemic Will Be Livestreamed

4 min read

The coronavirus is creating an explosion of quarantined online performance that is unscripted, unshowered and surprisingly uplifting.

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