Kavitha Yarlagadda

Kavitha is an Independent writer based in Hyderabad, India. She is a civil engineer with a masters degree in environmental science. She writes about the environment, science, health, social issues, food, culture and travel. Visit her at kavithayarlagadda.com

Free Bus Passes Are Giving Indian Women More Financial Freedom

5 min read

In several Indian states, this simple move is empowering women to join the workforce and granting them independence.

Affordable, Flexible Childcare Helps Indian Mothers Earn More and Worry Less

4 min read

A childcare cooperative in Ahmedabad has become a lifeline for women working in the informal sector.

Trafficking Victims Are Becoming Anti-Trafficking Warriors

4 min read

In India and beyond, young women who were sold into sexual slavery are becoming attorneys who prosecute human traffickers — and save other girls from the same fate.

India’s ‘Open Prisons’ Are a Marvel of Trust-Based Incarceration

6 min read

For 12 hours a day, prisoners can let themselves out to work or visit family. In virtually every case, they come back.

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