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How More Cities Could Work to End Unsheltered Homelessness

& 4 min read

Regardless of how the US Supreme Court rules on a high-profile case, programs in New Orleans and Houston could serve as models going forward.

How I Got Hooked on Solutions Journalism

6 min read

Evidence-driven stories about solutions shed light on what’s possible, helping readers to overcome feelings of helplessness.

Why Won’t You Recycle My Batteries?

5 min read

Europe’s ubiquitous recycling system for household batteries means virtually none get thrown away. How come the US doesn’t have something similar?

Earthships, Mormons, Doomsdayers and Weed

11 min read

Scenes from our Paris-based correspondent’s epic three-month road trip across these “dizzyingly paradoxical” United States.

How Giving Up Flying Helped Me Rediscover the World

5 min read

As a travel editor, my job is to hopscotch across the globe. When I decided to keep my feet on the ground, I saw it in a whole new way.

Want Fewer Abortions? Legalize Them

7 min read

The countries with the lowest abortion rates have one thing in common: access to safe, affordable abortion.

What Growing Up in Rural Germany Taught Me about Guns

6 min read

In the Bavarian village where I was raised, guns are a part of life. Mass shootings are not.

The Tantalizing Dream of a “Regional” Olympics

5 min read

The Games have become an unwieldy, budget-busting affair. Allowing multiple cities — or even countries — to co-host could fix that.

A Patriotic Pause

7 min read

Cities across Canada are canceling Canada Day celebrations to contemplate the country’s darkest chapter. Is this the dawn of more nuanced national holidays?

Pictures of Our Strange New World

2 min read

Life looks a little different these days.

I Am One of Our Stories

< 1

If we can hold up a mirror to ourselves and change, that’s a reason to be cheerful.

How to Keep Going

4 min read

Embracing uncertainty may be the survival tactic that gets us through this.

The Work Is Working

5 min read

The wins we rack up are meaningful beyond the policies they change — they are bursts of propellant that move a long and grueling struggle onward.

How the Media Can Fix Its Protest Coverage

4 min read

Step one: Cover anti-racism rallies more like women’s marches.

The World Is Changing — So Can We

4 min read

The pandemic is revealing the many ways our lives intersect. Is this an opportunity for us to reimagine what we can be?

The Media Can Help Beat the Coronavirus

4 min read

If the press can learn from the mistakes it made during the Ebola outbreak, it could become one of our best assets in fighting the current pandemic.

Is It Okay to Copy China?

9 min read

A country that opposes human rights and democracy is also coming up with some smart solutions. Can we emulate the good without endorsing the bad?

We Are Not Doomed

4 min read

Seeing painful events as signs that we’ve lost our way misses the point. The truth is, we are less lost now than when we were comfortable.

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