Cinnamon Janzer

Cinnamon Janzer is a Minneapolis-based journalist and content writer. Her work, which often focuses on the American Midwest, has appeared in outlets like Al Jazeera, The Washington Post, National Geographic, and many more.

Minnesota’s Prison-to-Grilled-Cheese Pipeline Is Changing Lives

4 min read

What started as a restaurant has become a path to entrepreneurship, turning formerly incarcerated folks into lawyers and soul food impresarios.

Don’t Demolish That House — ‘Deconstruct’ It!

3 min read

Instead of tearing down houses, a local business in Minneapolis picks them apart and resells the material, reducing waste and creating jobs.

In Barcelona, Kids Bike to School in Large, Choreographed Herds

3 min read

Hop on the ‘bicibús,’ a highly replicable model that makes getting to school fun, safe and sustainable.

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