Hannah Wallace

Hannah Wallace writes about everything from regenerative agriculture and natural food trends to cannabis startups, maverick winemakers and food justice activists.

Black Joy Is Propelling a Rural Racial Justice Movement

6 min read

In conservative parts of Oregon, one protest group is betting that a celebration of Black culture will capture more hearts than anger.

The Guilt-Free Way to Get Rid of Halloween Pumpkins

3 min read

An array of options exist, and a landfill doesn’t need to be its final resting place.

The Spectacular Comeback of the American Farmers Market

5 min read

Once ubiquitous, farmers markets nearly vanished in the mid 20th century — until an array of forces converged to bring about their modern-day renaissance.

As Temperatures Rise, Farms Are Sprouting in Alaska

4 min read

Even as farms decline across the US, a longer growing season is bringing food security to a state that has long relied on sustenance from afar.

How San Francisco Cracked the Urban Composting Code

7 min read

As California begins statewide composting, the place that pioneered it in the ’90s shows how dramatically it can benefit a city.

Nuclear Crocodiles Invade Florida — in a Good Way

6 min read

A nuclear power plant that became a thriving habitat for endangered crocs shows how conservation can work even in the most human-altered environments.

California’s Floodplains Are Coming Back, and So Are Their Salmon

5 min read

Farmers and ecologists are partnering to restore the state’s natural flooding patterns, allowing native fish to thrive.

The Anti-Displacement Repair Team of Portland

6 min read

By fixing up homes in Black neighborhoods, one group is slowing down harmful gentrification and keeping communities intact.

From a Prison Garden Sprouts Real Growth

6 min read

Amid rows of snap peas and summer squash, incarcerated gardeners cultivate job skills, inner peace and fresh produce for the cafeteria.

The Tiny-House Village That’s Changing Lives

6 min read

Agape Village is a place where people find community, structure, stability — and a path to permanent housing.

The Casino That Farms Its Own Food

7 min read

A stone’s throw from the blackjack tables, bison are grazing, beehives are buzzing, crops are growing — and nature is winning.

Hard-Knocks Restaurant Workers Are Embracing Mental Wellness

4 min read

An industry that often celebrates pushing through the pain is turning its focus to mental health.

A New Generation of Black Farmers Is Cultivating Self-Determination

6 min read

By going back to the land, Black farmers are resuming a journey toward “food sovereignty” that began centuries ago.

Wine Country’s Farmworkers Are Staying Healthy Against All Odds

6 min read

Populated by seasonal laborers, Oregon’s Willamette Valley could have been devastated by the coronavirus. Instead, it’s become a model for how to keep workers safe.

How Portland Makes Local Food Work for Everyone

6 min read

A food hub known as the Redd solves the business and logistical challenges of local food — and helps small farmers become a big deal.

This ‘Carbon-Negative’ Burger Is Fighting Climate Change

6 min read

As fake meat floods the market, some fast-food joints are insisting that their ultra-sustainably raised beef is better for the planet.

The Beautiful Place that Stopped Big Bottled Water

6 min read

As Washington State moves to ban companies from selling its spring water, the story of Hood River County shows how even a small place can stop the extraction of its most precious resource.

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