Emily Nonko

Emily Nonko is a Brooklyn, New York-based reporter who writes about real estate, architecture, urbanism and design. Her work has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, New York Magazine, Curbed and other publications.

Crossing the Threshold

4 min read

Rites of passage prepare us to transition into new phases of life. Ritual4Return ensures leaving prison is no exception.

Portland’s ‘Hygiene Hub’ Goes Way Beyond Free Showers

5 min read

A full-service facility run by the people who need it offers hot water, laundry, medical care — and legitimization.

Instead of Eviction, Landlords and Tenants Talk It Out

4 min read

In Philadelphia, face-to-face mediated chats help both parties get what they need.

Strangers Are Welcoming People Released from Prison into Their Homes

4 min read

Skeptical at first, participants on both sides now see a solution that benefits everyone.

Cops and Community Organizers Are Reimagining Atlanta’s Jail

< 1

An unlikely collaboration could transform a place of imprisonment into a center for equity.

Cincinnati Tenants Are Building Equity With Each Rent Payment

5 min read

Why should homeowners get all the perks? How a different type of rental model puts equity back in the pockets of tenants.

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