Charlie Metcalfe

Charlie is an international journalist with a particular interest in technological and environmental issues.

How Electric Harps Are Protecting Honey Bees

5 min read

As Asian hornets sow chaos in apiaries across Europe, strategically “strung” wire contraptions are giving beekeepers cause for hope.

Does No-Resumé, No-Interview Hiring Work? New Data Say Yes

5 min read

Three years ago, The Body Shop adopted “open hiring,” in which the most basic skills automatically get you the job. A new analysis suggests it’s working.

Heat from an Amazon Data Center Is Warming Dublin’s Buildings

5 min read

Cities are capturing heat emitted by computer servers and using it to warm everything from government buildings to college dorms.

Can Denmark Save Every Smørrebrød?

5 min read

As the country that wastes the most food in Europe, Denmark is turning to apps that help shoppers grab groceries just before they end up in the trash.

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