Klaus Sieg

Klaus Sieg writes about agriculture and food, the environment, energy, the economy and social issues. He is based in Hamburg.

The Era of the Wood Skyscraper Is Arriving

5 min read

Sprouting in our concrete jungles, high-rises built of wood are pointing the way to a greener form of construction.

Don’t Toss It, Fix It! Europe Is Guaranteeing Citizens the “Right to Repair”

4 min read

The EU is restricting products designed to be unfixable, forcing companies to change their ways.

With Centuries-Old Techniques, This Farm Is Preparing for the Future

5 min read

No modern methods or machinery required — just crops cultivated by hand in incredible, climate-proof quantities.

Berlin’s Second-Hand Craze Is Turning It into a ‘Zero-Waste City’

5 min read

Buying used goods is trendier than ever, and the capital’s retailers are responding.

How Europe Engineered Its E-Bike Boom

4 min read

Millions of Europeans now commute by e-bike, a mobility revolution carefully cultivated by governments and employers.

The Renegade Winter Gardener of Austria

6 min read

When his lettuce survived an early frost, Wolfgang Palme realized he’d discovered how to grow vegetables all winter long. Now he wants you to do it too.

Meet the Detectives Solving Crimes Against Trees

5 min read

At a forensics lab in Germany, a team of sleuths is busting illegal timber traffickers and keeping our forests safe.

Are You Going to Eat That?

6 min read

A chain of German supermarkets is selling expired yogurt, mislabled jam and chocolate Santas in July. Is this the grocery store of the future?

Greening the Desert With Wastewater

4 min read

Like a mirage, an ethereal woodland kingdom rises from the Egyptian sands to fight desertification

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