Charukesi Ramadurai

Charukesi reports on culture, conservation, development and gender issues for BBC, National Geographic, The Guardian, The Christian Science Monitor, Nikkei Asia and South China Morning Post, among other publications. Read more at

To Protect Rainforests’ Biodiversity, Listen Closely

5 min read

Tapping into the technology of bioacoustics, scientists are using real-time soundscapes to gauge the health of Malaysias rainforests.

How Teen Girls in Mumbai Are Learning to Stand Tall

6 min read

In workshops that combine self-defense with lessons on communication, young women build strength and confidence.

A ‘Human-Led Approach’ to Loans Is Changing Lives in Rural India

6 min read

For those who lack access to formal financial institutions, peer-to-peer lending can be a ticket out of years of debt.

India’s Community Radio Brings Its Villages Crackling to Life

5 min read

Across the world’s largest democracy, old-school radio stations transmit critical information that enriches — and sometimes saves — local lives.

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