Scott Shigeoka

Scott Keoni Shigeoka is a writer based in the California Mojave Desert. His forthcoming book “Seek: How Curiosity Can Transform Your Life and Change the World” (November 2023) focuses on the power of curiosity to heal and connect us in a time of division and polarization. Scott is also the Bridging Differences Fellow at U.C. Berkeley's Greater Good Science Center and the senior advisor for a Hollywood initiative to integrate climate change stories into scripted TV shows and films.

A New Bipartisan Act Aims to Make America Get Along

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The Building Civic Bridges Act would create more opportunities for connections between Americans who might otherwise never interact.

United by Activism, Separated by Decades

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In our final “Bridging Divides” video, a young BLM activist and a veteran of the Civil Rights Movement connect across a lifetime of struggle.

What Canada Can Teach America about Racial Reconciliation

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Both countries have a shameful history of oppression. One of them is facing up to it.

Why Millennials Are Moving Into Convents With Nuns

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Even as young people eschew religion, some are forming unexpected bonds with sisters of faith through a shared commitment to social justice.

A Therapist Teaches Us How to Connect

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In our latest “Bridging Divides” video, a crash course in reaching out to those who feel furthest away.

Is This the Unlikeliest Friendship in America?

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She’s a gay rights activist. He’s an evangelical Christian. In our new video series, they explain why “impossible” friendships can be our most valuable.

LGBTQ+ and Religious People, Face to Face

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In this moving video, two groups that have long struggled to connect finally let their guards down.

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