Sandra Larson

Sandra Larson is a freelance writer covering urban issues and policy with a solutions lens. Her work has also appeared in The New York Times, Guardian Cities, Next City, Shelterforce and the Bay State Banner, a Boston news weekly covering the city’s communities of color. See more at

Black Churches in California Lead the Way to Quality End-of-Life Care

5 min read

The free Advanced Illness Care Program helps people with serious illnesses and their caregivers navigate “living wills.”

At On-Campus Retirement Communities, Seniors and ‘Seniors’ Forge Deep Bonds

5 min read

As housing for senior citizens moves onto college campuses, two generations separated by 50 years are connecting in profound ways that benefit both.

At This Grocery Store, Shoppers Pay What They Wish

5 min read

In St. Louis, a pay-what-you-can grocery store stays in business thanks to some customers voluntarily paying more than the price on the sticker.

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