Priti Salian

Priti Salian is a Bangalore-based journalist who has reported from India, Germany and Uganda on human rights, social justice and culture. Her work has appeared in The Guardian, the BBC, NBC News, Stanford Social Innovation Review, Devex, National Geographic and many more outlets.

The Surprising Role of Blind Women in India’s Health Care System

6 min read

With their heightened sense of touch, visually impaired women are detecting breast cancer in communities where access to health care is sparse.

The Doctor Is Out, and These Babies Are Healthier For It

4 min read

India has saved the eyesight of thousands of infants by creating a system that allows non-physicians to screen for a rare eye disease.

In India, Hospitals Are Turning Relatives into Expert Caregivers

3 min read

A nonprofit is making sure that when patients get discharged, those caring for them know what they’re doing.

Recovered Covid Patients Send Their Leftover Meds to Those in Need

3 min read

In India, an elegantly simple system ensures pills don’t get flushed when others can use them.

Is This the World’s Most Aging-Friendly City?

6 min read

Arnsberg, Germany’s Department of Future Aging has made it a prototype for how cities around the world can help their older residents thrive.

The Purposeful Beauty of India’s ‘Saree Libraries’

5 min read

Inside the lending system for elegant attire that helps low-income women build social capital.

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