Elizabeth Hewitt

Elizabeth Hewitt is a freelance journalist based in the Netherlands. She's interested in how policy-making impacts lives, and likes to write about local solutions to big problems.

Museums Are Improving Life for People With Dementia

6 min read

Custom-designed museum programs are alleviating depression, fostering connection and even lowering cortisol levels in people with dementia.

The Wollemi Pine’s Survival Proves We Can Save More Trees

5 min read

Decades ago, there were only 48 mature Wollemi pines left in the world. Then home gardeners stepped in.

By Adding Timber to Old Buildings, Stockholm Is Expanding Sustainably

5 min read

Architects are using lightweight wood to add on to existing buildings, preserving what’s already there and preventing wasteful demolitions.

How a Country Embraced the River It Feared

7 min read

After years of fighting floods on the Waal River, the Netherlands decided to let the water in — and turn a looming threat into a natural asset.

The Nature Lover’s App That Became a Catalog of Earth’s Biodiversity

5 min read

In the millions of posts on iNaturalist, users are unearthing new species, tracking invasive insects and making incredible discoveries. Scientists are taking note.

In Holland People With Dementia Can Work on a Farm

6 min read

On Dutch ‘care farms’ aging folks tend to livestock, harvest vegetables and make their own decisions.

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