Kaja Šeruga

Kaja Šeruga is a Slovene freelance writer based in Vienna, writing about environmental issues, culture, history, and travel.

Cars Are Slowing Down in European Cities

6 min read

Across Europe, cities are proving that lowering speed limits makes neighborhoods safer and more livable while reducing dependence on cars.

The Grandmas and Grandpas Brewing Beer in Vienna

5 min read

What started as an off-the-cuff idea at a senior home has become a successful microbrewery — and a way for residents to stay social and engaged.

Is This the World’s Most Eco-Friendly Landfill?

5 min read

Once-endangered Pinzgau goats are among the many animals to flourish on Vienna’s “trash mountain,” which heats roughly one-fifth of the city’s homes.

In Austria, the Government Pays to Repair Your Stuff

4 min read

Taking the “right to repair” one step further, a Viennese repair bonus is going national — and keeping thousands of items out of the junkyard

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