Alasdair Lane

Alasdair Lane is a UK-based freelance journalist. He writes for Forbes, Al Jazeera, NBC News and VICE, covering politics, policy, and social issues.

Our Hydrogen-Powered Future Is Unfolding at the Edge of the World

4 min read

On an island community in the seas north of Scotland, the last frontier in green energy is being realized.

Would You Dine in This Prison?

4 min read

At the Clink, incarcerated chefs and waiters serve world-class cuisine to the public — and prepare for life on the outside.

London Is “Rewilding” and Native Species Are Flocking In

5 min read

The British capital is resurrecting its long lost natural habitats to foster biodiversity.

Scotland’s ‘Navigators’ Transform Lives in the Emergency Room

4 min read

Patients involved in violence may find a pink-shirted “Navigator” at their bedside, gently asking what led to the incident — and how they can help.

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