Stories at the nexus of water, climate and food.

Stories at the nexus of water, climate and food.

Waterline, an ongoing series sponsored by the Walton Family Foundation, explores how we can use water more sustainably in farming, fishing and food systems in an era of climate change.
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How ‘Farmfluencers’ Are Making Vietnam’s Rice Fields More Sustainable

6 min read

To reduce the footprint of the crop that feeds the country, farmers are teaching one another greener methods.

Moroccan Farmers Are Banking Traditional Seeds for a Hotter, Drier Future

6 min read

A seed bank full of carefully stored, drought-resistant varieties is helping to revive parched land and improve farmers’ livelihoods.

Mexico’s Floating Gardens Are an Ancient Wonder of Sustainable Farming

6 min read

Chinampas — an ingenious adaptation to the Valley of Mexico’s lake-filled landscape — could hold lessons for cities around the world.

Adopting the Aquaculture of the Future in Thailand

7 min read

A sustainable, integrated approach to fish farming has caught on in China and elsewhere. Thailand could be next.

A Tidal Wetland Restoration of Epic Proportions

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Salt ponds form a vast mosaic spanning thousands of acres in California’s South Bay. But a 50-year transformation is underway.

How Unfamiliar Fish Are Helping Mainers Fight Food Insecurity

8 min read

When the pandemic hit, Fishermen Feeding Mainers found a way to bring new life to the state’s groundfish industry – and feed those in need.

How Farmers Are Preparing for a Saltier Future

3 min read

As salinity affects more cultivated land due to climate change, researchers and growers are turning to salt-tolerant crops.

An Ancestral River Runs Through It

8 min read

A rural Montana county has found a unique and forward-thinking way to share its groundwater.

A Ranch, Rewilded: The Transformation of California’s Next State Park

< 1

Floodplain restoration is one key way to make the Central Valley more resilient as climate change intensifies both flooding and drought.

Solar Pumps Are Empowering Women Farmers in India

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On top of its climate benefits, the technology is boosting women’s income and confidence while challenging traditional gender norms.

‘Take It Down and They’ll Return’: The Stunning Revival of the Penobscot River

9 min read

A historic project in Maine shows that when dams are removed, a river and its fish can recover with surprising speed.

A Community-Driven Path to Replenishing Groundwater in a Parched Region

< 1

Villages in a drought-plagued part of North India have been transformed by local meetings and a revival of old farming practices.

Can Farmers Save the Great Salt Lake?

8 min read

There’s no silver bullet to solve Utah’s water crisis, but farmers are doing their part by choosing to do more with less.

How Tiny Wetlands in the Midwest Are Combating the Gulf of Mexico’s ‘Dead Zone’

< 1

Small, constructed wetlands on farms keep excess nutrients out of waterways — and the impacts can go a long way.

For Indian Farmers, Artificial Glaciers Are a High-Altitude Antidote to Drought

6 min read

Tall, slow-melting “ice stupas” offer a clever way to store water until it’s needed to irrigate summer crops.

Cranberry Growers Are Bringing Wetlands Back from the Dead

6 min read

In Massachusetts, the onetime cranberry capital of the world, former bogs are transforming into thriving, carbon-storing swamps.

How Reclaimed Wastewater Is Reviving Tribal Land

10 min read

Over a century ago, the Supreme Court ruled that reservations have a right to water. Today, thanks to a unique exchange, the Pima are finally getting their due.

The Backyard Farmers Who Grow Food With Fog

& < 1

In one of the world’s driest cities, an ingenious system channels water from the air to those who need it most.

From Sea to Plate to Sea: How Oyster Shells Are Shoring Up Coastlines

5 min read

Long after the oysters are gone, their shells help protect the marine environment. “Once you shuck ‘em, don’t just chuck ‘em!”

Napa Vineyards Are Pairing Wine With ‘Fish Friendly Farming’

6 min read

By keeping sediment out of waterways, California wineries and farms are playing a key role in protecting endangered salmon and trout.

An Ancient Desert-Dwelling Culture Embraces Hydroponics

7 min read

With droughts on the rise, India’s pastoralists are turning to modern techniques to conserve water — and a way of life.

How Farmers Used California’s Floods to Revive Underground Aquifers

2 min read

Farms designed to recharge groundwater are answering the state’s existential question: How do you make sure devastating rainfall doesn’t go to waste?

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Stories at the nexus of water, climate and food.

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