Stories at the nexus of water, climate and food.

Stories at the nexus of water, climate and food.

This ongoing series, sponsored by the Walton Family Foundation, explores how we can use water more sustainably in farming, fishing and food systems in an era of climate change.
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The Backyard Farmers Who Grow Food With Fog

& < 1 min read

In one of the world’s driest cities, an ingenious system channels water from the air to those who need it most.

From Sea to Plate to Sea: How Oyster Shells Are Shoring Up Coastlines

5 min read

Long after the oysters are gone, their shells help protect the marine environment. “Once you shuck ‘em, don’t just chuck ‘em!”

Napa Vineyards Are Pairing Wine With ‘Fish Friendly Farming’

6 min read

By keeping sediment out of waterways, California wineries and farms are playing a key role in protecting endangered salmon and trout.

An Ancient Desert-Dwelling Culture Embraces Hydroponics

7 min read

With droughts on the rise, India’s pastoralists are turning to modern techniques to conserve water — and a way of life.

How Farmers Used California’s Floods to Revive Underground Aquifers

2 min read

Farms designed to recharge groundwater are answering the state’s existential question: How do you make sure devastating rainfall doesn’t go to waste?

Welcome to Waterline

< 1 min read

Stories at the nexus of water, climate and food.

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