al fresco
Al fresco (Credit: David Byrne)

We decided not to post one of our usual stories today. We felt that our heads and hearts would be too full of what has just happened. I’m referring to the election. I write this in advance of it, not knowing the outcome yet. 

So rather than post a story, we thought we’d share some photos I’ve taken that might remind us who and where we are, and what we might be.

baby shower west side bike path
Baby shower West Side bike path. Credit: David Byrne

We here in the U.S. are living in an In-Between world, and these pictures reflect that. I take pictures as both a form of note taking and a way of keeping a record of how lovely, strange and surreal the world is. Ordinary things and places, when framed in this way, often jump out and reveal themselves to be a metaphor, a joke, a mirror, or an echo of another place or thing. 

celestial chill
Celestial chill (Credit: David Byrne)

Though there are no people in most of these photos, our footprints are everywhere. Sometimes the captions I give them are a way to hint at some other thing, place, or idea that this image conjures. A disassembled piece of furniture might remind me of an ancient cosmological diagram. A chain-link fence is a threadbare sweater. A seaside mural incorporates an air conditioner — God’s chiller. A bronze monument immortalizes a homeless person’s possessions.

endless arches
Endless arches (Credit: David Byrne)

I ask myself if these pictures are somehow a reflection of this very strange, sad, hopeful time. Are they trying to tell me something?

We’ll resume our regularly scheduled programming next week.


happy heavenly birthday
Happy heavenly birthday (Credit: David Byrne)
don't stop to read this
Don’t stop to read this (Credit: David Byrne)
flag heart Staten Island
Flag heart Staten Island (Credit: David Byrne)
gig economy-clown delivery
Gig economy – clown delivery (Credit: David Byrne)
moral priorities
Moral priorities (Credit: David Byrne)
moving ahead
Moving ahead (Credit: David Byrne)
new horizons
New horizons (Credit: David Byrne)
monument to the disposesed
Monument to the dispossessed (Credit: David Byrne)
sea of concrete
Sea of concrete (Credit: David Byrne)
arboreal crochet
Arboreal crochet (Credit: David Byrne)
secret headquarters
Secret headquarters (Credit: David Byrne)
Uh-oh (Credit: David Byrne)
walking tree
Walking tree (Credit: David Byrne)
you, Staten Island driftwood house
You, Staten Island driftwood house (Credit: David Byrne)