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In This French Village, People with Alzheimer’s Are Encouraged to Roam

2 min read

In Village Landais, having dementia doesn’t mean giving up your independence.

The Supermarket Helping Shoppers Get Loans for Groceries

4 min read

With interest-free loans, a supermarket chain is shifting the anti-hunger paradigm from donated canned goods to fresh produce for all.

Kelp Farming Is Reviving an Ancient Practice — and a Modern Economy

4 min read

An Indigenous-run business is using regenerative ocean farming to clean up a New York bay and create local jobs.

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Earthships, Mormons, Doomsdayers and Weed

11 min read

Scenes from our Paris-based correspondent’s epic three-month road trip across these “dizzyingly paradoxical” United States.

Wealthy Countries Pledge to Shoulder Costs for Global Climate Damage

2 min read

At the UN’s annual climate conference, a groundbreaking — if not-yet-binding — promise from the US and EU “offers hope to vulnerable communities.”

A Call for Help Answered

6 min read

Abuse survivors can call helplines to stop the violence. Now abusers can, too.

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Editors’ Picks

An Indigenous Modeling Agency Puts Representation in Focus

2 min read

“Culture, community and land-based wisdom” form the pillars of a new modeling agency that’s elevating representation above profit.

“Menstruation Vacations” Are Adapting Work for Women’s Health

4 min read

“I call it a ‘do-what-you-can day’ — stay at home, take it easy, cancel all your appointments, or come in and work as usual.”

‘Tiny Farms’ Bring Agriculture Jobs to the Work-Life Balance Generation

5 min read

In Germany, a new model of low-cost, very small-scale farming is luring young people who value flextime and vacations.

Most Popular

A Notorious Invasive Plant Shows Promise in Green Construction

4 min read

Imported from Japan in 1876, kudzu strangles forests and farmland throughout the South. Could it build cities instead?

India’s Retired Sex Workers Get a Second Act

6 min read

In May, India’s Supreme Court ruled that sex work is a legitimate profession. Now, its older practitioners are finding ways to start their life anew.

A Building Material That Consumes CO2 Has Finally Come to the US

5 min read

A false association with drugs that banned ‘hempcrete’ from the US residential building code has been lifted, paving the way for widespread use.

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