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Europe Is Going Coal-Free


By the end of this decade, the world’s dirtiest source of energy will have vanished from over a dozen European countries.

Muslims and Christians Are Sharing Space


So that everyone can worship safely, the walls that separate churches and mosques are coming down.

Socially Distanced Architecture That Brings People Together


When correctly designed, housing that gives people personal space can make them feel closer.

France to Airlines: Go Green If You Want a Bailout


How one country is using its economic rescue to clean up a polluting industry.

The Race to Measure the Global Emissions Plunge


A heroic effort is underway to record the global lockdown’s ripple effects — before they disappear.

Germany Is Leading the World Toward a Green Recovery


As Europe’s biggest economy reboots, it — and many others — are planning to transition away from fossil fuels.

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How a Group of Political Novices Ended Gerrymandering in Michigan


Their success proves that you don’t need political power — or a Supreme Court majority — to get fair congressional districts.

Japan’s ‘Disaster Parks’ Help Explain Its Coronavirus Response


Benches that become stoves and manholes hiding emergency toilets reflect the survival instincts of a country that has learned to live with peril.

This ‘Carbon-Negative’ Burger Is Fighting Climate Change


As fake meat floods the market, some fast-food joints are insisting that their ultra-sustainably raised beef is better for the planet.

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The World Is Changing — So Can We


The pandemic is revealing the many ways our lives intersect. Is this an opportunity for us to reimagine what we can be?

Can We All Be Like Texas?


How a conservative, oil-pumping state became one of the world’s biggest generators of wind power.

The Coronavirus-Proof Nation


Taiwan has built a pragmatic, solutions-oriented society where democracy is expected to deliver results. Amid the pandemic, it’s paying off.