The Great Recovery

Stories about the new ideas and approaches improving our mental health systems.

Stories about the new ideas and approaches improving our mental health systems.

This series, sponsored by Wellcome Trust, examines how a surge in innovation, outreach, access and attention to equity is improving our mental health systems.
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Mindful Breathing Is Coming to New York City Classrooms This Fall

4 min read

Every student in the city will engage in two to five minutes of daily mindfulness, a tactic that has shown positive effects in schools around the world.

Your Job Wants to Offer You Therapy. How Does That Make You Feel?

11 min read

Workplaces are getting deeply involved with their employees’ mental health, in ways both positive and dubious.

For Indigenous Peoples With Deep Ties to the Land, Climate Change Is Personal

9 min read

“Indigenous worldviews look at the land as an extension of the self, so can you argue that land is body?”

Telehealth Bridges the Mental Health Gap for Older Rural Folks

5 min read

Remote psychotherapy sessions aren’t just more convenient than lengthy round-trips for in-person appointments. They reduce unnecessary prescriptions, too.

The World’s Therapists Are Talking to Ukraine

8 min read

To prevent a mental health crisis, a multinational effort is bringing therapy to the war-torn country from thousands of miles away.

A Camp for Japan’s Social Recluses

< 1

At a retreat deep in the hills, hikikomori come together to cook, farm and, after years of isolation, gingerly step back into the world.

Navigating the Waves

< 1

Surf therapy is being embraced — from the US Navy to the British health service — as a surprisingly effective treatment for depression, anxiety and trauma.

2 min read
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