Gwynne Watkins

Gwynne Watkins is a journalist and playwright who writes about culture, entertainment and religion. @gwynnesanity

The Performance that Eased a Tribal Conflict

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When Congolese refugees moved to New York, they brought their old rivalries with them. Then they put their strife on stage.

Growing a Generation of Young Authors

4 min read

Not yet old enough to vote, a new vanguard of teen writers is nonetheless fixing the publishing industry’s representation problem.

Do School Plays Lead to PhDs?

6 min read

A new report shows a correlation that’s held for decades: People with more education are more involved in the arts. Or is it the other way around?

This Is What Classical Music Looks Like

7 min read

Meet the new generation of talent transforming music’s whitest genre.

An American Revolution at Sing Sing

6 min read

A theatrical re-imagining of American independence, right where it’s needed most.

Creative Freedom

8 min read

Prisons with art programs release people back into the world who are more stable, and far less likely to return. Why don’t the programs exist everywhere?

Rock-a-Bye Mama

9 min read

New moms in difficult situations sometimes find it tough to connect with their babies. Carnegie Hall is helping change that with one of the simplest, most innate tools in the mothering toolbox: lullabies.

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