For More Sustainable Affordable Housing, Just Add Mushrooms

7 min read

Architect David Benjamin is bringing his biology-inspired recipe for construction materials to an affordable housing project in Oakland, California.

At On-Campus Retirement Communities, Seniors and ‘Seniors’ Forge Deep Bonds

5 min read

As housing for senior citizens moves onto college campuses, two generations separated by 50 years are connecting in profound ways that benefit both.

Amsterdam Has an Aquatic Answer to Demand for More Bicycle Parking

3 min read

The ‘Venice of the North’ has thousands of new bike parking spots at the city’s busiest transit hub.

‘Co-Buying’ Is Surging — and Making Housing More Affordable

10 min read

A rise in the number of people purchasing real estate with someone they know is helping legions of buyers quit renting and start building equity.

UK Gardeners Are Planting the Seeds of a More Resilient Food System

5 min read

By collecting the seeds that grow best in their own plots, a movement of gardeners is boosting biodiversity in a way that more closely mimics nature.

Black Joy Is Propelling a Rural Racial Justice Movement

6 min read

In conservative parts of Oregon, one protest group is betting that a celebration of Black culture will capture more hearts than anger.

Where Do Abandoned Bicycles Go? In Some Cases, Madagascar

6 min read

In a largely unseen system, abandoned bikes are repaired and shipped to people across the US — and around the world — who can use them to travel to school or work.

Cancer Deaths Are Plummeting

2 min read

Across the US, early screening, vaccines and better treatments are making the disease less fatal than ever.

Conservationists Are Saving America’s Prairies by Selling Them Off

5 min read

In an unlikely collaboration, Oregon conservationists are selling grasslands to cattlemen on one condition: they keep it pristine forever.

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