Washington, D.C. Turns a Parking Subsidy into a Transit Perk

3 min read

The city is giving non-car commuters a tax exemption normally meant for drivers.

Beirut Is Greening the Aftermath of Disaster

6 min read

One year ago an explosion decimated Beirut. Today, the city is picking up the pieces — and using them to rebuild.

Our Hydrogen-Powered Future Is Unfolding at the Edge of the World

4 min read

On an island community in the seas north of Scotland, the last frontier in green energy is being realized.

French Cuisine Has Gone Off the Grid

4 min read

As other businesses go green, food service remains an energy-intensive outlier. Europe’s first solar-powered restaurant wants to change the recipe.

Policing Without Cops Finds Its Way from Oregon to New York

3 min read

A program pioneered in the little city of Eugene is improving policing in Harlem.

From a Prison Garden Sprouts Real Growth

6 min read

Amid rows of snap peas and summer squash, incarcerated gardeners cultivate job skills, inner peace and fresh produce for the cafeteria.

The Gay ‘Green Book’ Is Going Online

5 min read

A digitization project will ensure that a series of 20th century guides for LGBTQ travelers aren’t lost to history.

This Seattle Affordable Housing Project Is a Transit Rider’s Dream

7 min read

The city’s transit agency is building apartments by light rail stations that folks can actually afford.

Maine Will Charge Companies to Encourage More Recyclable Packaging

3 min read

The more easily a product’s packaging can be recycled, the lower the fees.

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