Japan’s Newest Vending Machines Are Stocked for Disaster Relief

2 min read

Filled with food and emergency goods, the machines unlock automatically when earthquakes or other natural disasters strike.

We Can Start Thinking in Centuries

6 min read

A new book explores how a global shift toward long-term thinking can solve the problems caused by our here-and-now mindsets.

The New Livestock Farm Is a Forest, Too

6 min read

Silvopasture, the ancient practice of integrating trees and pastureland, is making a comeback as a way for farms to improve animal health while benefiting the climate.

Every Whiskey Distillery In Scotland Vows to Go Carbon Neutral

2 min read

A sprawling industry with a large carbon footprint is stumbling toward sustainability.

Cities Are Becoming More Like Sponges

5 min read

Water management that prizes lakes and greenery over concrete makes for less flood-prone cities — and prettier ones, too.

With Green Prescriptions, Getting Healthier Is a Walk in the Park

5 min read

From “forest bathing” to clinically prescribed time in national parks, a growing medical movement is sending patients back to nature, with remarkable results.

Uganda’s Communal Food ‘Epicenters’ Aim to End Hunger Forever

5 min read

Pushing past the conventional food aid model, a regenerative farming system offers a recipe for success — and self-reliance.

Shrimpers Get Paid to Clear ‘Ghost Fishing’ Crab Traps From Mississippi Waters

3 min read

Collecting left-behind traps leaves wildlife safer while putting money in shrimpers’ pockets — a true win-win.

A Canadian River Rises From the Dead

2 min read

Toronto is investing billions in nursing the Don River back to health.

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