California Redwoods Are Swiftly Recovering From Wildfire

2 min read

Three years after a fire tore through Big Basin Redwoods State Park, once-blackened trees are showing new green growth.

A Carnegie Hall Concert Series Designed for Mental Health

5 min read

With an emphasis on mindfulness and human connection, New York’s legendary theater is using culture to cultivate well-being.

The Legendary Ocean Explorer Protecting ‘Hope Spots’ Around the World

7 min read

Sylvia Earle, a pioneer of both deep sea diving and ocean conservation, has made it her mission to protect the ocean’s biodiversity, one spot at a time.

Come for the Free Meals, Stay for the Company

5 min read

FoodCycle’s pop-up cafes are tackling not just hunger and food waste, but loneliness, too.

How El Paso’s Streetcars, Left for Dead in the Desert, Rose Again

9 min read

A phony ad campaign. A forgotten transit graveyard. The story of how this Texas city resurrected its streetcar system takes an unusual track.

The Galapagos Are Going Green

< 1

In recent years, there has been a growing movement to transform the archipelago into a beacon of sustainability.

Can Farmers Save the Great Salt Lake?

8 min read

There’s no silver bullet to solve Utah’s water crisis, but farmers are doing their part by choosing to do more with less.

The EU Just Banned Microplastics. How Are Companies Replacing Them?

4 min read

Some manufacturers are years ahead of the game, pioneering natural alternatives to microplastics.

Parks Are Becoming More Accessible, With Help From All-Terrain Chairs

2 min read

States from Minnesota to California are working to open up more recreation opportunities to people with disabilities.

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