Cars Are Vanishing from Paris

6 min read

The share of journeys made by car in the city has fallen by nearly half, and the trend is only accelerating.

Making a Desk with 10,000 Recycled Chopsticks

4 min read

A German engineer asked restaurants for their used chopsticks — and a sustainable furnishings business was born.

Delhi’s Electric Buses Are Making the City Healthier

2 min read

As the entire fleet goes gas-free, the cleaner air will save over 1,300 lives every year.

Why Wisconsin Kids Figure Out Their Futures Early

6 min read

The Badger State’s students start mapping out a career path in the sixth grade, saving them time, confusion and college debt they didn’t need.

Japan’s ‘Zero Waste’ Village Is a Model for Small-Town Sustainability

5 min read

In Kamikatsu, recycling isn’t just an environmental imperative — it’s the glue that unifies a community.

Free Fruit and Veggies Make a German City ‘Edible’

2 min read

Residents of the Rhine River Valley’s Andernach get their fresh produce from a large public garden at no charge.

The Voluntary Gun Law Preventing Suicides

6 min read

Utah, Virginia and Washington allow people to ban themselves from impulsively buying a gun. Many more states could follow their lead.

Floating Solar Farms Are a Game Changer

6 min read

A lack of available land is the biggest obstacle to solar power’s expansion — or maybe it isn’t.

How Two Former Debt Collectors Made $6.7 Billion in Medical Debt Disappear

6 min read

Hospitals sell their patients’ debt to collection agencies for pennies on the dollar. RIP Medical Debt buys it up — just to forget all about it.

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