The Computer Designed to Last

4 min read

Repairable, upgradable computers are here, and could make your next laptop something you own for a very long time.

U.S. Homebuyers Could Soon Get Help with the Down Payment

6 min read

The social spending bill includes funding — proven to work in other countries — that would help millions buy their first home.

Tulsa’s $10,000 Offer to Remote Workers Is Paying Off

3 min read

Some 1,200 workers have moved to the city, and it looks like most plan to stay.

France Is Freeing Fruit and Veg from Its Plastic Prison

4 min read

Under a new law, a large portion of the country’s produce will no longer be sold in single-use plastic containers.

Secret Hand Gestures Are Fighting Violence Against Women and Teens

4 min read

A signal promoted on TikTok that led to a girl’s rescue in Kentucky is the latest sly method for combating abuse.

Every Battery Is a Treasure Box

4 min read

A tsunami of spent EV batteries is coming, and the effort to recover the valuable materials inside them is already underway.

Why I’ll Leave Prison Ready for a Green-Collar Career

8 min read

At the Florida prison where I reside, incarcerated folks are training each other for stable, well-paying jobs in sustainable industries.

California’s Adopted Otter Pups Are Fighting Climate Change

3 min read

An effort that pairs the orphaned pups with adoptive otter moms has led to thriving kelp forests.

Nigeria’s Women-Only Parties Offer Safe Spaces With Style

7 min read

In a country where sexual harassment is common, gatherings where women can cut loose without fear are a welcome respite.

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