‘Community Ownership’ Might Be the Best Way to Fight Deforestation

6 min read

Why community ownership might be the most effective way to fight deforestation.

The Climate-Friendly Refrigerators of Decades Past

14 min read

As the U.S. phases out hydrofluorocarbons, the next generation of fridges is adopting low-emissions technology that’s nearly a century old.

Paris Makes Public Housing Greener and More Livable

3 min read

The city has spent the last decade making its public housing better for the planet — and for people.

How America Is Winning the War on Overfishing

6 min read

Though overfishing remains a global problem, a science-driven approach has led to surprisingly sustainable practices in some countries, including the U.S.

Could Products Made of CO2 Help Cool the Planet?

6 min read

The growing carbontech industry is capturing CO2 from the air and turning it into everything from bras to vodka to fresh baked bread.

The Movement to Give ‘Personhood’ Rights to Animals

6 min read

Legal systems around the world are beginning to confront an existential question: What rights does an animal have?

Surfing Beyond Life’s Scars in Liberia

5 min read

How does a young generation wracked by civil war and ebola move forward? In one African surfing town, atop the perfect wave.

A Black-Owned Beach Is Returned to Its Owners after 97 Years

3 min read

The waterfront property, seized in 1924, is being given back to the family that originally bought it. It’s now worth $75 million.

Inside the Pandemic’s Worker-Powered Co-op Business Boom

7 min read

As the world reels through uncharted economic territory, the co-op model has become more popular than ever.

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