Alexander Turner

Alexander Turner is a freelance photographer and journalist based in Bristol, UK. His work has appeared in The Guardian, The New York Times, Libération and many others.

Want to Help Rid the Ocean of Plastic? Grab an Oar

4 min read

Along a rocky stretch of the British coast, a modest yet highly replicable low-tech solution to ocean cleanup is setting sail.

UK Gardeners Are Planting the Seeds of a More Resilient Food System

5 min read

By collecting the seeds that grow best in their own plots, a movement of gardeners is boosting biodiversity in a way that more closely mimics nature.

Mussel Farming Is Healing the UK’s Coastal Food Chain

5 min read

Vertical forests of shellfish are returning biodiversity to a damaged coast — and producing sustainable seafood in the process.

In Ghostly Graveyards, Biodiversity Is Nourishing the Living

5 min read

Few human-inhabited places are as ecologically rich as old churchyards, where nature’s spirits thrive undisturbed for centuries.

Britain’s Blind Farmers Are Teaching Others How to Grow

4 min read

“We’re trying to give people a chance to stop thinking about limitations and start looking at what they really can do.”

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