Stories from our archives featuring badass women doing badass things.

Stories from our archives featuring badass women doing badass things.

The Beautiful Place that Stopped Big Bottled Water

6 min read

As Washington State moves to ban companies from selling its spring water, the story of Hood River County shows how even a small place can stop the extraction of its most precious resource.

Do School Plays Lead to PhDs?

6 min read

A new report shows a correlation that’s held for decades: People with more education are more involved in the arts. Or is it the other way around?

The High School That Follows Its Students to College

7 min read

A school in Detroit deploys counselors to make sure its graduates are staying on the collegiate track. Unlock your phones, kids.

Reforesting the Ocean

5 min read

Recently, Australian scientists proved something we once thought impossible: we can regrow the ocean forests we’ve destroyed. Now they’ve set their sights on a tougher challenge… and they can’t do it alone.

Power Struggle

8 min read

In the haze of the California wildfires, a Native American tribe’s independent electricity grid saved the day. Is a new model for energy in America rising from the ashes? 

An American Revolution at Sing Sing

6 min read

A theatrical re-imagining of American independence, right where it’s needed most.

Rock-a-Bye Mama

9 min read

New moms in difficult situations sometimes find it tough to connect with their babies. Carnegie Hall is helping change that with one of the simplest, most innate tools in the mothering toolbox: lullabies.

Trees Are Healing Our Planet

5 min read

A recent study found that new forests might be our best shot at saving the world. A global guide to doing it right.

Free the Paramedics!

7 min read

They’re the medical system’s eyes and ears, yet they’re treated as crisis managers. Now some cities are letting their paramedics get to know their patients, with remarkable results.

Everybody Needs a Home

7 min read

What would happen if our first step towards solving homelessness was to actually give people someplace to live?

How Cities Will Avoid Death by Self-Driving Car

4 min read

Major cities have signaled a commitment to curbing private autonomous vehicles, and their transportation systems are already reaping the benefits.

Nonstop Art in Lagos

6 min read

This bustling Nigerian city is bursting at the seams with art fairs, biennials and galleries. Now, some of the artists who left to find work elsewhere are returning home.

India’s Amazing Art Hub

2 min read

Not long ago I ended up at a biennial in Kochi, a little Indian city with a thriving art scene. Could this be a place where artists can make a living?

Interactive: Harm Reduction Goes Global

< 1 min read

How a once-radical idea is becoming the norm in country after country.

The School Where Refugees Thrive

3 min read

At Fugees Academy, students who arrived in the U.S. as refugees—sometimes without parents or English skills—are graduating at a rate of 90 percent.

Treating Loneliness as a Medical Condition

2 min read

When a small-town clinic in England started prescribing human connection to its lonely patients, rates of chats over coffee increased—and hospital visits fell.

Women Scientists Raise Their Decibel Level

3 min read

To change the misperception that scientists are all old white guys in lab coats, thousands of women scientists are banding together to make their voices heard.

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