Juster Justice

Stories about alternatives to a deeply unjust system.

Stories about alternatives to a deeply unjust system.

Clearing a Path from Prison to the Bar Exam

5 min read

A movement to empower formerly incarcerated people to become lawyers is changing the criminal justice system from the inside out.

Would You Dine in This Prison?

4 min read

At the Clink, incarcerated chefs and waiters serve world-class cuisine to the public — and prepare for life on the outside.

The Transformative Power of Replacing Guns With Jobs

9 min read

Youth involved in gun violence would rather be working than shooting. One group decided to give them what they want.

New Zealand Is Infusing Policing With a Social Work Philosophy

6 min read

Nimble, culturally nuanced and collaborative, this Māori-led response gets to the roots of family violence.

Strangers Are Welcoming People Released from Prison into Their Homes

4 min read

Skeptical at first, participants on both sides now see a solution that benefits everyone.

Oregon’s New Hard Drugs Policy Is Both Radical and Sane

6 min read

Legal magic mushrooms? Tolerance for heroin and meth? It’s not as crazy as it sounds.

In this Connecticut Prison, the Guards Double as Mentors

< 1

What happens when incarcerated people see a correctional officer not as an overlord, but as someone who can help?

The Youth Who Turned a Prison Into a Farm

11 min read

In North Carolina, teens who were once at risk of being locked up have created a place where good things grow.

A Mental Health Service for Inmates that Reduces Recidivism

5 min read

In an effort to make its prisons more than punitive, Washington D.C. has begun offering cognitive behavioral therapy to incarcerated individuals.

We Know How to Fix the Police

8 min read

The data proves that regulating police behavior results in fewer killings of civilians.

Emptier Jails Could Stay That Way

6 min read

Covid-19 is showing us what ending mass incarceration could look like. Some judges and prosecutors like what they see.

No Resumé? No References? No Problem

3 min read

What happens when you hire the first qualified job applicant who walks through the door?

The Slow Demise of Cash Bail

6 min read

As it bans holding defendants on bail for nonviolent crimes, New York is the latest state to challenge America’s bizarre system of money for freedom.

An American Revolution at Sing Sing

6 min read

A theatrical re-imagining of American independence, right where it’s needed most.

Creative Freedom

8 min read

Prisons with art programs release people back into the world who are more stable, and far less likely to return. Why don’t the programs exist everywhere?

Rock-a-Bye Mama

9 min read

New moms in difficult situations sometimes find it tough to connect with their babies. Carnegie Hall is helping change that with one of the simplest, most innate tools in the mothering toolbox: lullabies.

Reversing the Tide

6 min read

College degree programs like the Bard Prison Initiative give jailed students a chance to thrive once they’re released—and drive down the costs of incarceration for us all.

I’m Not That Guy Anymore

8 min read

I hated school—until I got slapped with a 15-year prison sentence and discovered calculus, Mandarin and the college degree I never knew I wanted.

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