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But Would You Live There?


In Singapore, housing is affordable, diverse and impeccably maintained.

100 Years of Urban Housing Success


As cities around the world confront an affordability crisis, a few have spent a century perfecting the art of subsidized housing for the masses.

Making It Rain


Is rainwater capture the new solar panel? How drought-stricken cities are capitalizing on a building solution so simple, it’s almost like it’s right above our heads.

Free the Transit System!


No, seriously. Like, actually make it free. A rust belt guide to increasing ridership.

Spain’s Happy Little Carless City


Pontevedra, once choked with cars, is a laboratory for how smaller cities can implement a few simple tricks to reduce driving dramatically.

Cars in Cities: How’s That Working Out?


They’re dangerous, destructive, polluting, expensive, inefficient and inequitable—not to mention a pain in the ass. Now cars are being chased off city streets. That’s progress.

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Pay for What You Get

A Republican Suburb Designed for Cyclists


A deep-red town in Indiana has a bicycling network that would make Boulder blush. Their secret? Forget the politics and treat bikes more like cars.

Can Flexible Pricing be Fair?


Opponents say fees for urban services hit poor people hardest. But the data show that, implemented right, dynamic pricing can be a tool for equity.

Less Parking, More City


Until recently, Mexico City was building more parking than housing. Now new reforms are pushing the parking aside and returning the pavement to the people.

Putting Parks over Pavement


Urban neighborhoods that were severed decades ago by massive highways are finally being sewn back together by public spaces designed to reconnect and heal.