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Tree-Free Paper Is Saving Forests and Farmers in Washington State

Creating paper from wheat waste gives forests a break — and harvesters a new revenue stream.

Where £100 Can Make You a Solar Entrepreneur

In Bath, England, even the smallest investors can support – and profit from – the city’s green energy boom.

Wales’s “One Planet” Policy Is Transforming Rural Life

By allocating residents their “global fair share” of resources, the government is making development in pristine environments sustainable.

The Island Where Everyone Owns the Wind

On carbon-negative Samsø Island, renewable energy is collectively owned — which means that the greener the island gets, the more everyone benefits.

London Is “Rewilding” and Native Species Are Flocking In

The British capital is resurrecting its long lost natural habitats to foster biodiversity.

A System for Sharing Household Heat Is Growing Beneath France

Green energy is generated at a central location, then shuttled through underground pipes to homes in suburban Paris.

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Sue the Bastards!

What if Climate Change Isn’t as Polarizing as We Think?

It benefits politicians to portray the issue as deeply divisive, but most voters don’t see it that way.

How Loggers Helped Environmentalists Save a Spectacular Canadian Rainforest

Spanning 16 million acres of wild Pacific coast, the Great Bear Rainforest is a magical place. The partnership that saved it is just as unique.

The Italian Fishermen Who Brought the Sea Back to Life

When overfishing decimated Puglia’s biodiversity, conservationists and fishermen created a marine reserve that turned their catches around.

The New Solar Farm Is a Real Farm, Too

The next generation of solar arrays benefits the earth — right beneath them.

Tasmania’s ‘Super-Kelp’ Is Making CO2 Vanish into the Ocean

These towering seaweed forests are amazing climate change fighters. Now scientists are stepping in to make them even stronger.

The Renegade Winter Gardener of Austria

When his lettuce survived an early frost, Wolfgang Palme realized he’d discovered how to grow vegetables all winter long. Now he wants you to do it too.

Europe Is Going Coal-Free

By the end of this decade, the world’s dirtiest source of energy will have vanished from over a dozen European countries.

Can We All Be Like Texas?

How a conservative, oil-pumping state became one of the world’s biggest generators of wind power.

This ‘Carbon-Negative’ Burger Is Fighting Climate Change

As fake meat floods the market, some fast-food joints are insisting that their ultra-sustainably raised beef is better for the planet.

Abandoned Coal Plants Are a Huge Opportunity

They’re cavernous, solidly built and often on prime urban land. Now, they’re being reborn as everything from charter schools to solar farms.

The No-Waste Goal That Succeeded by Failing

Years ago, the Japanese village of Kamikatsu set the goal of producing zero waste by 2020. They’re not going to make it—and that’s just fine with them.

Mitigating Climate Change: The Game!

Nothing says family fun during the holidays like a good ol’ game night. This season, here’s a game future generations might appreciate too.

Power Struggle

In the haze of the California wildfires, a Native American tribe’s independent electricity grid saved the day. Is a new model for energy in America rising from the ashes? 

Ban the Bag!

Those ubiquitous flimsy shopping sacks are vanishing from country after country, leaving less plastic in our seas, our trees and our own digestive systems.

Trees Are Healing Our Planet

A recent study found that new forests might be our best shot at saving the world. A global guide to doing it right.

What Baltimore Gets Right about Urban Trees

While other cities plant trees, Baltimore has focused on monitoring and maintaining the ones it already has—and is one of the few cities whose urban forest is expanding.

Let Them Eat Larvae

Farmers are feeding their livestock the larvae of black soldier flies—an abundant, sustainable snack that’s quietly greening the industry, one maggot at a time.

The Necessity of Nuclear

After reading David Byrne’s article suggesting that nuclear power is too risky to be a part of our green energy evolution, I had a few thoughts to share.

Can Lawsuits Save Planet Earth?

These days, the litigators hauling climate change scoundrels into court are doing more than any politician to keep our environment healthy and livable.


More and more institutions and even whole countries are ending their investments in fossil fuels. This is happening. Money talks.

When Politics Fails, Call the Lawyers

It was legal teams—not politicians—that ultimately held the tobacco industry to account. Their next target? Perpetrators of climate change.

Interactive: 30 Years of Suing the Bastards

Early lawsuits like the Exxon Valdez settlement paved the way for the cases now holding climate changers to account. See our timeline of the eco-litigation evolution.